How to plan the perfect New Year’s Eve dinner party

How to plan the perfect new year's eve dinner party

Whether you’re hosting a small dinner party for four or a larger group of friends, make it the event of the year with our tips on how to host the best dinner party this new year’s eve…

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Send invites

This should have been done by now, but sending out written invites is always a good idea, even if you have already verbally invited guests. If you send out invitations you can let everyone know what time to attend – add bring a bottle and make your theme known. You can also give a hint about the food you will be serving and ask them to RSVP so you definitely know how many you will be catering for.

Plan ahead

As ever, good organisation is key to a successful party – don’t leave everything to the last minute! You’ve got a few days left to check your New Year’s Eve invite list, finalise the menu (remember to double check on any specific dietary requirements), get decorations and props ready and purchase anything that is missing, especially important if you are having a themed party.

Dining table decor

It’s a New Years Eve party, so go all out and create a fabulous tablescape. Even if you are not having an actual theme for your dinner party have a theme in mind for your table setting. Create a stunning centrepiece for a rustic dining table with flowers and candles. Get all your crockery and cutlery washed and polished in advance so they sparkle on the table. To save any awkwardness for your guests you can organise a seating plan and leave a little gift on the table for each of your guests.

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Prepare a welcome cocktail

Offer your guests a warm welcome with a prepared cocktail. Chances are you will be kept busy greeting guests as they arrive, having a cocktail ready for them left on a rustic console table in the hallway will leave you free to greet guests still arriving or add the finishing touches to the food. You can try something completely new or go for a classic such as a margarita. If you can, choose something that can be prepared the night before. Of course, not everyone will be drinking so have an alcohol free alternative, especially important for designated drivers.

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Create a music playlist

Music is a great way to set the tone for your dinner party, you’ll want a good range of tunes to play throughout the evening. Consider the mood you want to set as your guests are arriving, you can dial the music down to a background level while you are sitting down to eat and crank it up a notch for after dinner dancing. Make sure you have a solid wood dining table if you foresee any dancing on the tables!

Be prepared

Some of your guests may unexpectedly end up wanting to (or needing to) stay the night. Have the guest bedroom ready and prepared for this possibility. Make sure you have clean sheets on the spare small double wooden bed and extra pillows and blankets at the ready. It may also be a good idea to leave a stylish jug of water on a wooden bedside table to help guests rehydrate throughout the night!

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