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How to prepare your hallway for Airbnb

How to prepare your hallway for Airbnb

It is the first part of your home that Airbnb guests see, and that makes the hallway an important space. It sets the first impression, and when this is less-than-favourable, it can be hard to claw your way back. Styling and adding beautiful touches will create a beautiful space that gets every rental off to the best start. Here’s how...

Give it a facelift

If your hallway is looking tired and hasn’t enjoyed a fresh lick of paint and stylish wallpaper for some time, now is the time to do it. There are various styles and hallway trends at the moment but choosing one that sits well with the rest of your home is ideal.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Console Table with Flowers

But that doesn’t mean you can’t ring the changes. Injecting a little Hollywood glamour into the industrial style, for example, gives a sumptuous lift to the hallway, one that we would certainly encourage.

Storage heaven!

EVERY hallway should be a haven of storage options. Essentially, you don’t want guests – or family or friends for that matter – trooping through your home and across designer flat weave rug in the hallway with their outdoor shoes on.

Rattan May Wicker Storage Bench

Thus, hallway shoe storage is a must, as too are plenty of other hallway storage options, such as a hallway storage bench. Consider shelving for bags and other small items, as well as hooks for hanging coats. You might also want to consider a tall, elegant barrel in the porch for wet umbrellas and walking sticks too.

Practical AND uber-stylish

With the practicalities sorted, you can now turn your attention to the fun styling stuff: the sumptuous visual details that appeal and draw people in.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Frankly, if there is one piece of hallway furniture that does this, it is the narrow console table. The beauty of reclaimed wood furniture sells itself, but when you want to add more than a hint of luxury, there are various reclaimed wood furniture console tables that pack a serious punch. The Kensington console table, with a metallic leg finish, is perfect for fusing glamour with industrial style or, if you want to add a bit more in the storage with extra shelving, the Maddox industrial console table fits the bill. If you have room, a leather armchair next to it can help to complete the whole look.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Console Table with Shelves

Appeal to all the senses

With your hallway visually appealing, you need to appeal to other senses too – and one sense that comes into action straightaway when walking into a home is the sense of smell.

Smell can be both appealing and off-putting. Residual ‘living’ smells are usually a turn-off – wet dog, for example, is not welcoming, and neither is a damp or musty smell.

Thus, making sure you neutralise these smells and replacing them with ‘sweeter’ ones is critical as part of forming that all-important first impression.

As well as plug-in diffusers and other shop-bought fragrances, you could also consider adding cut flowers in a delightful vase. As well as releasing a beautiful scent – opt for in-season flowers such as daffodils in the spring and roses in the summer – they also add colour to the hallway. Place them in a prominent position on the hallway console table next to the lamp, and you have the hallway setting that is both welcoming and very, very stylish.

Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial Console Table with Flowers and Lamp

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