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How to prepare your living room for Airbnb families

How to prepare your living room for Airbnb families

In order for your Airbnb to appeal to parents with young children, it needs to tick many boxes. But what are they and how can you style your living room so it is appealing to the family-focused traveller?

Leather Chesterfield Sofa in Living Room

1 Style and character…

… but that doesn’t mean you should leave personal items scattered about the place. Family-friendly rentals are those that offer style and functionality, without losing all its character. Just like the rest of your home, consider continuing your style to give your home a cohesive finish. The rustic style is perfect – functional, robust, warm and welcoming, reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for any Airbnb property.

2 A space to lounge

When creating a family-friendly living room in an Airbnb rental, you want it to be a space that oozes in informality, welcoming your guests to relax and unwind after a busy day sightseeing.

There are many ways to do this;

  • Seating – a deep, sumptuous sofa is essential, as you would expect, with options like a brown leather sofa is ideal for not only keeping clean but withstanding the rigour of use. Alongside the sofa, armchairs are a must. The traditionally styled wingback armchair declares an instant sumptuous appeal. Opting for a brown leather armchair brings the same benefits as the leather sofa.
Wing Wrap Brown Leather Armchair

  • Layers of light – adding different lighting options adds layers of light for your guests to use. Softer lighting is perfect for movie night or for helping the kids to relax after a fun-filled day but there are also times when the need for bright light is essential.
  • Wi-Fi and technology in general – from controlling lights with voice command to making sure that everyone has access to Wi-Fi is also a welcome detail that guests like to have taken care of in the Airbnb family-friendly living room.

3 Dress to impress

The assumption is with anything aimed at families, that the detailing doesn’t need to be as stylish as in other settings or that parents aren’t looking for the extra hints of luxury and opulence.

But the opposite is true. Adding textures is perfect for adding a sense of luxury to the living room because, without it, it can look flat. Build the family-friendly living room with beautiful living room rugs, making sure you opt for one that is the optimum size for the living room.

Louis de Poortere Khayma Farrago Lawrence Rug in Living Room with Grey Sofa

Use other reclaimed wood furniture to frame the pieces in the room such as a reclaimed wood coffee table that is smaller than the overall length of the brown leather sofa you have opted for.

4 Choose reclaimed wood furniture pieces that sing…

… because that way you can use these pieces on your social media platforms, highlighting just how wonderful sumptuous, welcoming and family-friendly your living room is. Statement pieces such as a bookcase with doors is perfect for the living room, adding a ‘certain something’ to the landscape that oozes appeal, a great place, we think, to offer books and leaflets on what to do in your local area, activities that are perfect for families with small children and so on.

Rocco Oak Bookcase

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