How to see in 2021 at home alone

Family of four sat on a sofa each holding a 2021 number

With limited options for seeing in 2021, many families will no doubt opt to stay at home this New Year’s eve. Here are a few ideas to help make it a bit more of an event!

Alarm clock and wooden numbers spelling 2021 against rustic wood background

Make a treat of it

We all deserve extra treats this year so you could plan an evening of complete indulgence! Get some food and drink ideas together with the rest of your household and see what you end up with. It could be a selection of your favourite cocktails for the grown-ups – stock up your cocktail cabinet and get the stirrers and shakers out! For the children, you can get something they don’t normally have – like no alcohol champagne or mocktails!

Two cocktails in tumblers with fresh mint and limes on wood background

A fabulous feast!

For food, you may end up deciding on a tasting menu, an 80’s inspired menu, an array of your most favourite snacks or one big feast-like meal. You can set your reclaimed wood table or rustic dining table and decorate it with a New Year 2021 theme earlier in the day, get your food prepared early, so all you have to do in the evening is dish up the food.

Wooden serving board with canapes on and handing picking up food on wooden dining table

Get glammed up

Even though you are staying in you can still get dressed up – why not? Especially if you have online New Years Eve video calls arranged with friends and family. In fact, you could arrange a larger online get together for the entire evening!

Have a movie night

Reclaimed wood furniture gives a room a warm, living, cosy feel so make the most of it and enjoy a quiet night in front of the TV if that suits your family more. Turn the lights down low and pull your favourite velvet armchair up to the fireplace, or snuggle up with the kids on a sumptuously upholstered, cushion scattered, 3 seater sofa, and watch your favourite film. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Family of mum, dad and two children each holding a number spelling 2021 sitting on a sofa

Sleep through it!

And let’s face it, just because it is New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean we have to go mad and celebrate – you can, of course, ignore it completely and opt to spend a normal evening with your family. Go to bed at a reasonable hour like any other night and be glad that when you wake up in the morning 2020 will be a thing of the past!! There’s nothing more comforting than settling down into a warm king size wooden bed frame, layered with some extra blankets from your wooden blanket box for extra cosiness, setting your nightcap or hot cocoa down on your small bedside table and grabbing some engaging bedtime reading.