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How to style a reclaimed chest of drawers

How to style a reclaimed chest of drawers

Bedroom chest of drawers are an essential choice for the bedroom, offering plenty of drawer space for storage of everything from clothes to personal trinkets. Don’t just put it in the corner, however. Style your reclaimed chest of drawers following these ‘rules’.

Start with a mirror or a piece of artwork

‘Framing’ your reclaimed wood chest of drawers makes sure it looks part of the overall bedroom décor. This is certainly true for a larger, 8 drawer chest which can look too imposing. If you need a mirror, use a large one to offset the chunkier frame of the large chest of drawers. However, if you have a mirror in another location, a larger piece of artwork would bring a welcome change. Either mount it on the wall or sit it on the very back of the chest of drawers.

Winchester Rustic Wooden Large Chest of Drawers

A table lamp

Adding height starts to create dimension to the space and a table lamp is perfect for this. Again, depending on the space you have on top, you could opt to balance this with another tall object as we’ve done on the top of this large dark wood chest of drawers. On a smaller chest of drawers, one tall object works well, although it doesn’t have to be a lamp, a plant or something similar would work well.

Winchester Dark Wooden Large Chest of Drawers

Something living

In fact, staying with the theme of plants, there is something about adding something living to the top of your chest of drawers. Reclaimed wood furniture is in itself a very natural product and so adding something that complements this is a perfect choice. Opt for easy to care for plants such as the lithe leaves of an Aloe Vera plant. If you struggle for space, opt for a shorter plan in stature to create symmetry.

Vary the height

With the artwork or mirror in place on your reclaimed chest of drawers and a plant to balance the symmetry now comes the tricky step of adding yet another ‘layer of height’. Choose a pretty accessory that is not as tall as your lamp but is a fraction taller than the plant you have chosen to include. The secret to a balanced look atop a 6 drawer chest or a chest of drawers of any size is a layered look. From a pretty jewellery stand to an elegant ornament of some kind, adding layered height really makes a difference.

Dulwich Medium Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

A tray

Scour charity shops and other second-hand stores for pretty trays meant for the top of dressing tables and chest of drawers. The tray will keep bottles and other bits and bobs in place, keeping everything tidy but also bringing depth the top of the reclaimed wood chest of drawers. Keep the metallic finish the same as the frame of your mirror or artwork, and any other accessories you add to the chest of drawers. Or opt for ceramics, as we’ve done with this reclaimed wood large chest of drawers to great effect.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

How do you style your chest of drawers?

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