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How to use Feng Shui to position your bed

How to use Feng Shui to position your bed

In this blog we look at the bedroom and in particular how you can use Feng Shui to get the positioning of your bed just right to get the best night's sleep.

Bedroom with white bed and large floor mirror with words feng shui

First let's look at the commanding position, this is the position where you want to spend most your time when you are in the room. In Feng Shui there are three items in your house that should always go in the commanding position in their respective rooms - these are the oven, which represents wealth and nourishment, the desk which represents your career and your bed which represents you. So it makes sense that you need to place your bed in the commanding position in your bedroom - this would be so it is facing the door but not directly opposite it. Once you have this position worked out you can look at what type of bed will work best for you.

Round feng shui ornament with pebbles in a home

A gorgeous reclaimed wood double bed frame will contribute to the energy in the room as wood is one of the elements in Feng Shui. So a solid oak bed placed in the commanding position would be the ideal scenario. If you have a large king size wooden bed frame which has to fit into a smaller size room then this positioning may not be possible - so you can place a mirror which allows you to see the door when you are in your bed.

As with your sofa, the bed should be anchored against a solid wall - the wall is there to support you. The gorgeous Beam Buckingham reclaimed wood bed has an impressive solid wood headboard which will offer you additional support. This forms part of the Beam reclaimed wood furniture range which includes bespoke size, made to order, bedside tables and chests of drawers to really embrace the element of wood in Feng shui. This range also blends in beautifully with other rustic furniture you may already have in your bedroom.

Reclaimed wood bed with grey covers and blanket

Photo featuring: Beam Buckingham Reclaimed Wood Bed

You should not have any doors that open near your head when you lay in bed as this may cause you to have headaches, and if they open by your feet this may cause you to suffer from foot problems in time......And you should never have your feet facing the bedroom door - this is referred to as the "coffin position".

Try to avoid placing your bed so that the headboard shares the same wall as a toilet or ensuite.

Bedroom with reclaimed wood bed and faux fur covers with wooden blanket box

Photo featuring: Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed

Ideally, adults should be able to access the bed from both sides to allow the balance of yin and yang - feminine and masculine. However, for children, it is fine to put a bed against a wall as it gives them additional support.

Pink child's bed with sheer fabric draped above

Try not to position your bed under a beam or sloped ceiling as it creates pressure - if you have no choice then you can soften this feature by draping fabric or painting it so it blends.

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