Ideas for a fun and alternative Christmas dining table

Pineapple with Christmas baubles hanging off leaves next to two starfish with Christmas hats
One of the main events of Christmas day is the feast we sit down to eat with our nearest and dearest. It’s never too early to start thinking about table decorations!

Red and white Christmas dinner table

Long gone are the days of limited options – just a candle in the middle and a Christmas cracker each! So in this blog we look at slightly alternative ways and put a few ideas out there to decorate the table!

….It no longer has to be just candles, tinsel and baubles!

If you don’t have a wooden sideboard or a handy big extendable table to place dishes of food on you will need to consider how you are going to dish up food – you don’t want a large dining table that is so full of decorations that you have nowhere to put the serving dishes, nor do you want your decorations too high and not be able to see and engage with those on the other side of the table.

Three pineapples with silver tinsel and silver sprayed leaves

A reclaimed wood dining table already gives you a superb base to start with – the tabletop will have gorgeous natural undulations in the wood, start with a table runner in your chosen colour, perfect for along the middle. Then you can decide what mood you want to set for your Christmas dinner – modern, rustic, alternative…..

A rustic dining table lends itself perfectly to rustic style decorations – dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cones, a twig wreath and some candles would be a simple, stylish and eco-friendly way to style your table. If you have other items of reclaimed wood furniture, such as a reclaimed wood sideboard, then again you can decorate these items by making or buying small arrangements and also hanging fairy lights on them.

Dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks on wooden dining table with brandy glasses

Plants in pots and small hints of Christmas may be all you want to see on your dining table!

White plate on wood dining table with runner and small posy decoration on plate

Less is more – just a simple festive Santa cutlery holder for your cutlery and a cleverly folded napkin is fun yet elegant, add a natural fir wreath as a centrepiece and your table can be good to go.

Close up of dinner table with red Christmas tree shaped napkin and Father Christmas cutlery pocket

A pendant ceiling light is great hanging over your dining table but a candle or two give the table some atmosphere and create a more magical and dreamy setting. However, candles are not always a great idea if little hands might be reaching over to pull crackers or to get more food. This is where you can add fairy lights to your table decor. These can stay here throughout the festive period to give your table a child-friendly cosy and warm glow during every meal.

Close up of dining table with fairy lights lit up on the table