Investing in furniture that will last a lifetime

Neutral scheme living room with light grey sofa

You want to invest in some quality furniture and you should choose these wisely – these will not be flat packed items or mass-produced – here we are looking at good quality statement pieces that you won’t regret buying.

Sandy beach with old wooden boat on shore

Reclaimed wood furniture

What’s not to love about reclaimed wood furniture? Environmentally it is the best type of wood to use, no new trees are being cut down to produce your investment furniture, it’s already had one life, maybe as a boat, a girder from a demolished factory or a railway sleeper, and now it’s being given a second lease of life as a unique furniture piece. Reclaimed wood is full of character, it’s already naturally aged with markings and indentations that give a small glimpse into its history – all this comes together to give you a durable, unique piece of classic furniture. A reclaimed wood dining table gives a room a warm homely feel, perfect for family dinners, along with a modern sideboard it is all you will need in your dining room.

Wooden dining table with white trestle legs and matching wooden bench

Photo featuring: Dorset Reclaimed Wood Extendable Trestle Table and Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bench

Classic designs

We suggest sticking to classic designs when shopping for investment furniture – nothing too fussy and definitely no impulse buys…! Reclaimed wood furniture tends to be hand made or at the very least hand-finished by “a person” rather than a machine – so your furniture has a personal touch. We suggest investing in pieces that can be moved around the house as your needs change.

Reclaimed wood chest of drawers with small dog of sheepskin rug on the floor

Photo featuring: Beam Medium Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

Our Beam range includes chests of drawers, bookcases, bedside tables TV units and much, much more. A bookcase could be used in a teen bedroom, when they move out it can become display shelving in a hallway or living space, likewise, a large chest of drawers can be used in a dining room, kitchen, bedroom or living room! Simple natural style will never go out of fashion.

Brown leather chesterfield armchair and footstool in front of open fire

For a similar armchair see our Traditional Chesterfield Leather Armchair

Lasting materials

Choose hard-wearing materials like wood, metal and leather – you want your furniture to stand the test of time. Reclaimed wood already has oodles of character – if it receives a small knock, it won’t show but rather will blend in. Wood is also easy to care for, to keep it looking fresh and full of lustre you can easily add a thin layer of wax or oil from time to time. Furniture technicians are also more able to work with a solid reclaimed wood piece of furniture if more serious attention is needed. A leather sofa is a great choice – get a versatile brown, grey or black – you can style your investment sofa with a classic brown leather armchair and footstool or a bold coloured accent chair. You can change cushions, add throws and change your room colour scheme as several colours will work with a neutral colour. Leather gets better with age and you can purchase treatments for leather help it age gracefully.

Wooden coffee table with thick shiny metal curved legs with candles on top

Photo featuring: Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Curved Coffee Table