How to add glamour to your dining room

Reclaimed wood dining table with dark wood and gold legs with blue velvet dining chairs
Dining room with round dining table and pink velvet dining chairs and reclaimed wood sideboard

First and foremost let’s look at dining tables – this is the focal point in your dining room and what you will spend the most time in this room sitting around. If you don’t have space, or the real need, for a big 6 seater dining table then consider a round one like the glamorous industrial Luxe Kensington.

Back buttoned grey velvet armchairs with black wooden legs

Photo featuring: Bladon Grey Velvet Dining Chairs

If you love your dining table or don’t have the budget to change this right now then you can switch up a notch when it comes to chairs – velvet is a regal fabric and will quickly glam up any dining room. Fabric chairs with button backs and stud detailing will also do the trick – If you can’t afford to replace all chairs you can also switch a couple of chairs for an upholstered bench – they really are the thing in dining room style right now – add some glamourous cushions that coordinate with other elements of the room to tie it into your scheme.

Industrial reclaimed wood drinks cabinet

Photo featuring: Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Drinks Cabinet

A cocktail cabinet in the dining room just screams “seasoned entertainer”! Practice your cocktail making skills on your dinner guests in style with the Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Drinks Cabinet, plenty of room for all your drinks, glasses and anything else you might need, all tidily tucked away when not in use. This is a piece of reclaimed wood furniture with an industrial element, the luxurious wood patterning gives it its glamourous vibe.

Dark wood sideboard with gold handle and frame

For a similar dark wood sideboard see our Pimlico Elm Large Sideboard

Wooden sideboards are a great addition to any dining room – a place to hide away clutter with the added bonus to add an elegant display on the top of if. Gold or silver candlesticks, a sparkly framed mirror, a house plant in a decorative plant pot and glass table lamps so you have more subtle lighting when you’ve finished dining. Of course for lighting over the dining table you can add a chandelier or a pendant light, this will add the feeling of height to the room as well as look fab.

Large white sideboard with two table lamps

See a similar white sideboard see our Worcester Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard

Whatever type of flooring you have in your dining room, you can always add a rug under the dining table and chairs – it just anchors your dining set in the room. You can use this opportunity to reinforce your chosen colour scheme.