Is a blanket box only to be used in the bedroom?

Aimee Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box in Bedroom

As you know, we regularly conduct polls on interior design blog Houzz. And our followers never disappoint, offering us a glimpse into what they think of the latest styles, trends and ideas, from reclaimed wood furniture to lighting ideas.

Our latest Houzz poll attracted attention because we asked about the blanket box and how people tend to use theirs or, if you would like one, how would you like to use it. As always, our followers and customers gave fantastic feedback.

We Asked, You Answered

Traditionally, the blanket box or chest was exactly that: a place to store blankets and usually, the box was located in the bedroom.

And it made sense at a time when the need for an extra blanket or two on a cold night was common. But times changed, as did our bedding. No longer were beds made up of layers of sheets, blankets and a top eiderdown. The continental duvet became the simpler, easier and, some say, more stylish way to dress the bed.

And that meant the blanket box would either become a relic of the past or we would find a new use for it. Thankfully, the blanket box hung around and is still a common piece found in homes today.

But we wanted to know, how would you use a wooden blanket box?

In the bedroom

For a storage chest in the bedroom was the most common answer and we can understand why. The key to successful storage is accessibility.

Being able to get at bed linen, blankets, spare duvets and towels quickly is something that a wooden blanket box offers. Simply lift the lid, extract or store what you need. Is there anything more complicated about a wooden blanket box.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box in Bedroom

But simplicity doesn’t mean ditching style. Who could fail to love the simmering broodiness and the smooth arched lid of the Winchester wooden box?

Toybox and hallway bench

It was a tie between these two uses of the humble blanket box and we can see what this would be the case.

Again, for a toy box, the beauty lays in the quick access and the fact that a box, its generous proportions – like the Dulwich blanket box– means most things fit. And as far as a large toy box goes, it has a stylish aplomb all of its own. In other words, it sits well within the rest of the room.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

As a hallway bench, we can see its versatility too. The Savannah blanket box, with its sturdy lid and hinges, along with the painted base would suit all hallways, offering plenty of storage for shoes and boots too. As far as small hallway ideas go, you’d be onto a winner with this.

In the living room

And finally, people also said that they used the storage chest or blanket box as a coffee table with storage, which, to us, seems an excellent use of its generous storage proportions and sturdy table top.

Aimee Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table with Storage

And with so many styles and finishes to choose from, it seems that the blanket box could perform all of these options at some point. It could be a blanket box when needed, and then a toy box and then a perfectly serviceable seat in the hallway, maybe ending up in the living room, hiding all the junk when unexpected visitors arrive…