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It's Christmas Jumper Day and we'll celebrate it with our furry friends

It's Christmas Jumper Day and we'll celebrate it with our furry friends

Christmas Jumper Day Dog

Christmas jumpers are no longer just for those who love to inject a bit of cheesy Christmas spirit into Christmas day, the office Christmas party or dinner parties with friends. Now, they are also a way to raise money for charity. This year, the annual Christmas Jumper Day will take place on Friday 15th December - so why not get involved?!

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

Every December, people are encouraged to pop on a fun Christmas jumper and donating money to Save the Children to 'make the world better with a sweater'!

The Christmas Jumper Day campaign started back in 2012 and its popularity been snowballing ever since with children and adults up and down the country getting involved.

There are no rules when it comes to the Christmas jumper, but the more Christmassy the better - brightly coloured jumpers with elves, Father Christmas, snowmen, Christmas trees or even jumpers with lights on them are all perfect!

How are we getting involved?

At Modish Living, on Friday we will have our gorgeous office dogs dressed for Christmas and will be celebrating the day in our office with our furry friends!

Oscar Dog on Christmas

Oscar, one of our team's dogs, has already been getting in the Christmas sprit wearing his santa hat!

How can you get involved?

First of all, spread the word! Christmas Jumper Day is for a great cause so as many people that can get involved the better. Why not see whether you persuade everyone in your office to put their Christmas jumpers on for the day? Perhaps your children's school are taking part?

And why not go all out and add some Christmas decorations to the office too! It certainly doesn't hurt to add a bit of festive spirit to your reclaimed wood desk.

Secondly, why not get your pets involved? Pets are part of the family and for most families, are probably involved in celebrating Christmas with you. If you normally buy them a Christmas gift, why not a mini Christmas jumper, reindeer antlers, or a Santa hat like Oscar?

Dogs on Christmas

In terms of pet-friendly Christmas decor, if your pet doesn't want to play with all the decorations on the Christmas tree, popping a sheepskin rug underneath the tree will give them a cosy place to relax. Alternatively, you could pop it on a high back armchair (provided you've got enough seats for everyone else).

Less traditional ways of decor is also a great way to make it pet-friendly. A wooden ladder can almost be turned into a Christmas tree if you wrap around fairy lights, or perhaps tinsel and add a handful of sparkly baubles.

Will you be getting involved with Christmas Jumper Day this year? We'd love to see photos if you do!

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