Bring a touch of industrial style to your Christmas decor

Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Tree Decorations

There is something magical about the festive season. Maybe it’s the twinkling lights, the glitter and the sparkle that the season is known for.

For some of us, decorating our homes for Christmas is more than a bunch of baubles and a tree. We want to create a stylish haven, full of Christmas cheer and colour. But we want it to be part of the overall style and appeal of the home.

It’s a tough ask, even for the most seasoned interior designers but there are simple tips and hints for decorating your home for Christmas that is in tune with the interior design style.

Festive Decorations, Industrial Style

The industrial style is a surprising harmony between the raw materials of brick, steel and wood. It is a style that takes note of a by-gone era, embracing the industrial heritage that swept the nation all those centuries ago.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table and Velvet Chairs

It is a style with a robust and pragmatic appeal, possibly why it is still a popular style today and one that looks set to grow in the coming year. So how do your combine festive cheer with the sharp angles and edges of this style?

Tip 1 – Geometric Shapes

It doesn’t have to be laughing Santa’s and nodding reindeers. Opt for geometric shapes, festooned with glitter and sparkle. There are plenty of options on the high street and online. Stick with one or two main colours, using a third as the occasional accent. Choose a muted but bright palette, such as the silver and ice white, using black as the accent colour.

Christmas Tree Geometric Decoration

Tip 2 – Soften with Texture

The sharp, clean lines of the industrial style are what makes it but for the festive season, you may decide to soften their impact for a while. Texture adds warmth and depth to any room, as well as taking the edge off the angles. Add large sheepskin rugs with their natural, deep pile for the perfect solution. Even better, they come in neutral colours too so no danger of adding too much colour that drowns the appeal of industrial furniture.

Grey Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

Tip 3 – Velvet for Luxury

Again, a great material for bringing texture to space is velvet. The industrial dining table is ideal for formal dinner parties to Christmas dinner, to Boxing Day parties but it doesn’t have to be devoid of colour. The Luxe Sasha velvet dining chairs bring glamour and sophistication to the industrial style dining room, as well as colour.

Luxe Sasha Dining Chairs

Or, if you stick with leather upholstered dining chairs, for the festive season artistically drape throws over chairs. Or add a small, colourful cushion if you feel the room needs it.

Tip 4 – Add Romance with Candles

No matter what your style, no one can deny the ambience that gently flickering candles add to a room, including the industrial style landscape of the living or dining room. These pillar candle holders have an elegance all of their own, but we think are worth their weight in gold because they add height to a dining table. Varying the heights of accessories adds interest.

As would this classic lantern, perfect for housing a candle by the door, welcoming guests to your home on a cold, winter’s evening…