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Luxurious, new coloured rugs for your home

Luxurious, new coloured rugs for your home

Adding a rug to a room instantly lifts it from the floor up. In effect, a rug acts as a textured platform on which the style of the room is given a significant boost. Get the right colour and shading, as well as texture, and you are guaranteed success.

But choosing the right large living room rugs – or a rug for any room, for that matter - is difficult which is why we’ve decided to introduce these new rugs with our Editor’s Picks.

Looking for a neutral, easy to work with colour? Opt for a grey rug

If you are, your options are not only beige, cream or white. Thankfully, grey is still very much in on-trend colour for the coming seasons and its neutral flavour is perfect for when you want to switch up a room’s style.

We’re loving a large grey rug in the dining room where the penchant for dark wood furniture is really beginning to become popular. We have two new ranges that would sit with a grey rug beautifully – The rustic with glamour Glasgow Collection or the amazingly stylish dark reclaimed elm range that we have called the Pimlico Collection.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Wind Chill Grey Rug

Bring a refreshing breeze of colour with a blue rug

If you want more of a colour than grey, a blue rug is a brilliant decision. There is simple neutrality to blue that means it brings a refreshing colour boost to a scheme. As well as the coastal style in the bedroom, a blue rug with an understated abstract pattern can work in many rooms in the home.

If you have opted for a rustic living room, for example, a blue rug can bring a genteel splash of colour that doesn’t overpower.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Polar Vortex Blue Rug in Room

Depth of colour with a green rug

An on-trend colour that we have been enjoying in various forms in the home is the darker, earthier shade of green. We also enjoy the industrial style and the fusion between it and a glamorous streak that is a brass or gold effect finish.

There is a Victorian streak to this kind of style and finish and so its no wonder that an injection of green into an industrial glamour styled room works so well.

Louis de Poortere Khayma Desert Grass Green Rug

With such a style, details and notes need to have a heavier promise and so the green rug with a heavily define pattern is an ideal foil in the industrial style living room or dining room landscape. It’s darker tones sit well with both brass and gold, including the copper finishes of the new Pimlico Collection too.

Set against a leather sofa or velvet armchair, this green rug with a delightful geometric pattern really sings its own praises.

Want a twist? Consider modern pink

Occasionally, something comes along that you fall in love with that you wouldn’t normally consider and if you’re put off by the vibrancy of a red rug, pink could be the perfect alternative. In some cases, the modern pink rug is a ‘marmite’ piece – people either love it or hate it, there is no in between – but if you enjoy the lightness of a contemporary interior design style, then this modern pink rug is just what you are looking for.

Louis De Poortere Khayma Sand Rose Rug

A slight pastel, sandy pink tone to the rug with a geometric pattern wouldn’t look too out of place with the Scandinavian style either. There is a lightness of touch to the colour that stops it being too overpowering and would work well with the lighter woods associated with the Scandinavian style too.

If you have a kitchen/diner, this is a great rug. Light but practical, it adds another layer of texture to any room. We think it has potential in the Scandinavian style bedroom too.



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