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Making a pet-friendly Airbnb home with hallway storage

Making a pet-friendly Airbnb home with hallway storage

Families come in all shapes and sizes. While some couples have kids in tow, other Airbnb guests will have their dog-children with them. Just as you would make your rental family-friendly, you need to consider how to make it pet-friendly. And coming up with hallway storage ideas is a great place to start.

Why the hallway is important

In terms of dog ownership, the hallway is probably the best place to store dog walking accoutrements, from dog leads to toys with reclaimed wood furniture bringing function and beauty to the space.

Dog bowls and other essential items

For the dog owner, travelling light can sometimes be problematic. Dogs can come with just as much paraphernalia as travelling with a small family. And so providing some of the basics is helpful.

Dog owners suggest things like water bowls and food bowls means they don't have to bring them from home. And while most pooch parents travel with plenty of ‘muddy towels' for use after walking and swimming in the sea or the local lake, they would also like to see old towels for use with dogs, something that many Airbnb rentals provide.

Brown Dog on Blue Towel

Washable soft furnishings

To attract guests, you want to show just how great your place is to stay whether that is a holiday with the dogs or an overnight stay with work. No matter who your guest is, cleanliness is crucial, and your next guest won't be too keen on finding dog hair attached to the bed covers.

Washable soft furnishings are clearly a wise investment. When it comes to the entrance of your home, washable hallway rugs are a great move (great for getting rid of the dog ‘smell’) but also perfect for adding colour. A hallway runner is ideal for trapping dirt and dog hair, so it doesn't travel through the rest of the home.

Hard floors are also better when you have the intention of welcoming guests with their prized canines. Easier to sweep and mop, they are certainly much better for not swallowing time in terms of cleaning. While you can wash carpets, this isn't an easy thing to do if you plan on doing it often.

Hallway storage

From a hook for dog leads to a tall chest of drawers to hide away the obligatory ‘poop bags’, ball and ball thrower, frisbee, whistle and everything else you need to keep a dog entertained, the hallway is a great place for it to be stored out of the way. It also makes sense because as guests and their dogs arrive and leave, they can grab what they need for the next adventure, canine treats included.

Rattan May Reclaimed Wood 3 Drawer Storage Unit

Shoe and boot storage

Many dog walkers will have a specific set of footwear for walking the dog which means hallway shoe storage is important. From dog-walking boots to wellies for wet weather and puddle-splashing with their pooch, the hallway should be the place you encourage them to store them. Hallway shoe storage protects your floors, carpets and rugs from abrasive mud and debris being trampled into them.

The small details

Wooden and Steel Hallway Bench

Small details show thought, and so a supplying something like a hallway bench for dog owners to put on and take off their shoes is most welcome. A delightful lamp to illuminate the space is practical as well as welcoming, along with making a fuss of their delightful dog companions.



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