Meet the makers: Good&Mojo Lighting

Woman with long blonde hair against blue sky with large Good&Mojo logo in green

Five different images of a bamboo hanging pendant light, including a man making the light and tropical location where light is made

‘Buy light, give light’ is the slogan for Good&Mojo, the makers behind our gorgeous sustainable lighting collections, and never has a motto been so close to the truth. The company is known for its smart contemporary designs, but also for its dedication to giving back and helping the planet. We spoke with Britt Templeman of Good&Mojo to find out more about this inspirational company and the good causes it supports…

Sum up Good&Mojo in five words?

Sustainable, fair, unique, nature and Mojo!

Tell our readers a bit more about Good&Mojo?

Good&Mojo was founded in 2016 by our mother company It’sAboutRoMi, a lighting company from Amsterdam dedicated to creating simple, yet strong lighting designs in pure materials.

After the success of our first sustainable lamp, we thought, “why not create a completely sustainable collection with a good cause?” so we did and the Good&Mojo brand was born!

We launched our first sustainable collection in 2016 in association with the WakaWaka Foundation. The organisation provides WakaWaka solar products to families in humanitarian aid situations and im­proves­ ac­cess to safe and sus­tain­able sol­ar in rur­al com­mu­nit­ies. We donate part of the sale of our lights to the foundation to buy and distribute WakaWaka solar lamps, giving access to education, communication and income-generating opportunities.

Multiple images of close up of bamboo pendant ceiling light, orangutan in jungle and hanging lights

What does sustainability mean to the company?

It’s everything. Sustainability means helping people and the planet. We believe it’s never too late to make a change and do some good.

Since 2019, we started supporting another good cause; The Eden Reforestation Projects. One tree is planted for every lamp or hanging pendant lights we sell – so far we have planted 75,000 trees!

What sustainable materials do you use to make your lights?

Mostly bamboo, but also cork, recycled paper pulp, woodchip and eco-linen.

Close up of inside of bamboo light shade

How would you describe the Good&Mojo style?

Natural, exotic, bohemian and different.

Where do your designers get their inspiration from?

From nature and travelling. We work with factories in small villages in countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines and are inspired by the natural materials these countries have to offer. Then together with those factories, we design the most beautiful lamps and modern pendant lighting.

Much like reclaimed wood furniture, we’re also inspired by reusing products. For example, we have a lamp made out of woodchips leftover from wood processing. We even have a lamp made out of car tires!

Double bamboo hanging pendant light over a reclaimed wood dining table with white painted legs and matching wooden benchPhoto featuring: Darcy Double Pendant Light

How long does it make to make a light?

It depends on the model, but as all our lamps are handmade it can take time. Some lamps can take weeks to produce. On our tube channel, we have all our production videos, so you can see the work that goes into each lamp.

You have named your products after rivers, forests, mountains and regions around the world. Where in the world would you like to visit most?

Probably Bhutan! Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country in the world where political decisions are based on Gross National Happiness.

Two images of hanging pendant lights - black bamboo ceiling light over round dining table and natural bamboo hanging next to a grey sofaPhoto featuring from left to right: Wicker Dawn Pendant Light and Bamboo Orbital Pendant Light

What’s the key to getting the lighting right in the home?

Have a range of different lights for various parts of the home. Every room has a different purpose and will need its own type of light. A mix of glass table lamps will help set the mood and dimmers are also a great way of being able to adjust your lighting. Many of our lamps have filament LED, which gives a really warm and welcoming light.

Black bamboo hanging light over an industrial dining table with rustic top and black steel frame with matching wooden benchPhoto featuring: Rattan Gaze Pendant Light

See our collection of Good&Mojo lighting here. Don’t forget, for every table lamp or pendant light sold a donation is made to the WakaWaka Foundation and the Eden Reforestation Projects plant a tree!