Meet the makers: Good&Mojo Lighting

Woman with long blonde hair against blue sky with large Good&Mojo logo in green

Five different images of a bamboo hanging pendant light, including a man making the light and tropical location where light is made

‘Buy light, give light’ is the slogan for Good&Mojo, the makers behind our gorgeous sustainable lighting collections, and never has a motto been so close to the truth. The company is known for its smart contemporary designs, but also for its dedication to giving back and helping the planet. We spoke with Britt Templeman of Good&Mojo to find out more about this inspirational company and the good causes it supports…

Sum up Good&Mojo in five words?

Sustainable, fair, unique, nature and Mojo!

Tell our readers a bit more about Good&Mojo?

Good&Mojo was founded in 2016 by our mother company It’sAboutRoMi, a lighting company from Amsterdam dedicated to creating simple, yet strong lighting designs in pure materials.

After the success of our first sustainable lamp, we thought, “why not create a completely sustainable collection with a good cause?” so we did and the Good&Mojo brand was born!

We launched our first sustainable collection in 2016 in association with the WakaWaka Foundation. The organisation provides WakaWaka solar products to families in humanitarian aid situations and im­proves­ ac­cess to safe and sus­tain­able sol­ar in rur­al com­mu­nit­ies. We donate part of the sale of our lights to the foundation to buy and distribute WakaWaka solar lamps, giving access to education, communication and income-generating opportunities.

Multiple images of close up of bamboo pendant ceiling light, orangutan in jungle and hanging lights

What does sustainability mean to the company?

It’s everything. Sustainability means helping people and the planet. We believe it’s never too late to make a change and do some good.

Since 2019, we started supporting another good cause; The Eden Reforestation Projects. One tree is planted for every lamp or hanging pendant lights we sell – so far we have planted 75,000 trees!

What sustainable materials do you use to make your lights?

Mostly bamboo, but also cork, recycled paper pulp, woodchip and eco-linen.

Close up of inside of bamboo light shade

How would you describe the Good&Mojo style?

Natural, exotic, bohemian and different.

Where do your designers get their inspiration from?

From nature and travelling. We work with factories in small villages in countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines and are inspired by the natural materials these countries have to offer. Then together with those factories, we design the most beautiful lamps and modern pendant lighting.

Much like reclaimed wood furniture, we’re also inspired by reusing products. For example, we have a lamp made out of woodchips leftover from wood processing. We even have a lamp made out of car tires!

Double bamboo hanging pendant light over a reclaimed wood dining table with white painted legs and matching wooden benchPhoto featuring: Darcy Double Pendant Light

How long does it make to make a light?

It depends on the model, but as all our lamps are handmade it can take time. Some lamps can take weeks to produce. On our tube channel, we have all our production videos, so you can see the work that goes into each lamp.

You have named your products after rivers, forests, mountains and regions around the world. Where in the world would you like to visit most?

Probably Bhutan! Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country in the world where political decisions are based on Gross National Happiness.

Two images of hanging pendant lights - black bamboo ceiling light over round dining table and natural bamboo hanging next to a grey sofaPhoto featuring from left to right: Wicker Dawn Pendant Light and Bamboo Orbital Pendant Light

What’s the key to getting the lighting right in the home?

Have a range of different lights for various parts of the home. Every room has a different purpose and will need its own type of light. A mix of glass table lamps will help set the mood and dimmers are also a great way of being able to adjust your lighting. Many of our lamps have filament LED, which gives a really warm and welcoming light.

Black bamboo hanging light over an industrial dining table with rustic top and black steel frame with matching wooden benchPhoto featuring: Rattan Gaze Pendant Light

See our collection of Good&Mojo lighting here. Don’t forget, for every table lamp or pendant light sold a donation is made to the WakaWaka Foundation and the Eden Reforestation Projects plant a tree!

What to consider before renovating your kitchen

Hands holding a tablet screen with photo of a white kitchen against a background of a building site with wooden beams and frame

A kitchen renovation is a big project – weeks or possibly even months of disruption (not to mention the cost) lie ahead. The heart of the home has so many different uses, such as preparing everyday family meals, hosting fancy dinner parties, children’s birthday parties, but also a place to work in, a place for homework or just somewhere to sit with a cup of coffee and have a chat with a friend. Good planning is imperative!

Make a rough sketch, taking note of where windows, doorways and other unmoveable fixtures are then add the essentials – oven, fridge and a sink. The units come next – be prepared that this will probably be the first sketch of many!

Grey modern kitchen with white stone worktops and gold vase with large green tropical leaf on top

Write out a list and ask yourself a list of questions to decide what you really need, and what you want in the kitchen – not just cupboards and appliances, but decisions, such as do you want a breakfast bar or an island? Consider that you need a one-metre clear space between units to be able to move around or add barstools. Does your main wood dining table go in this room, or will you just have a small breakfast table? Or will a small bar table and comfortable bar stools with backs be sufficient? Do you want to add an armchair or a small sofa to the room or maybe some other pieces of rustic furniture like a wooden sideboard or display unit for additional storage? Think about what you don’t like in your kitchen as it is, now you have the perfect chance to put it right!

Another good question to ask is how many appliances you need in the kitchen. This is the time to make sure everything you want in your new kitchen has permanent storage.

Contemporary kitchen with dark grey units and tall white kitchen units with long modern extractor fan

Next up is style. Are you going to go ultra-modern, traditional, retro or farmhouse? Whichever you choose, reclaimed wood furniture looks amazing with all different styles of interior, making it a great and versatile choice. A reclaimed wood dining table will last for many years and actually look better as the wood ages.

Pale reclaimed wood dining table in pale grey kitchen with brown leather dining chairs and large pitched roof skylightPhoto featuring: Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Archie Faux Leather Dining Chair

Take the opportunity to go green – now is the time to work in ways to make recycling easier or set up smart lighting and heating. Plan how you will use the kitchen when preparing food – where do you need sockets? Remember it is way easier to put too many sockets and lights in now rather than trying to add more in a couple of years time.

Industrial dining table with dark grey steel frame, matching wooden bench and black bamboo hanging ceiling lightPhoto featuring: Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Dining Table, Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Dining Bench and Rattan Gaze Pendant Light

Lighting fixtures are of course another major consideration – maybe a mix of downlighters, work surface lighting and pendant ceiling lights….which incidentally look great over an industrial dining table and will give your space a really modern look.

Really easy ways to create a more eco-friendly home

Beige and taupe coloured cushion with wicker plant pot with green plant

This really is a hot topic right now and there are so many small steps we can all take right now to give our planet a helping hand.

Dining room with reclaimed wood industrial dining table, wooden chairs and rustic glass display cabinet

Use eco-friendly and sustainable materials when decorating and maintaining your property

Next time you embark on a home makeover project try to look for eco-friendly products. The Little Greene Paint Company has a vast range of water-based and vegetable oil-based paints in a gorgeous array of colours.

Hallway with dark green painted wood panelling and wooden console table

Photo credit: Little Greene Paint Company – Hopper No 297

Buy sustainable and reclaimed wood furniture

Try to buy investment pieces of furniture that will last for years to come, although the initial outlay may be a little more this will most likely save you money in the long run. An FSC certified reclaimed wood dining table will last you for years, they are incredibly easy to maintain with a thin coat of wax or oil needed every now and then. Small marks and dents will not be noticed and if more specialist help is needed you can easily find a furniture technician to come out to your property to help with any more serious repairs.

Close up of reclaimed wood furniture with green plants on top

Repurpose furniture in your home

Use old wooden sideboards, a bedroom chest of drawers or cupboard in a storeroom or garage rather than just disposing of it. This will not only help reduce landfill, but will also help save on the huge amount of energy that’s needed during the production of furniture.

Introduce a few meat-free meals every week

Get into the habit of having two or three meat-free meals every week – if we all did this we would make a real dent in the climate crisis. There are some wonderful and hearty recipes available online just waiting to become your new family mid-week favourites! Another great way is to support local farm shops these will have the best and freshest locally grown seasonal fruit and veg.

Close up of selection of pulses, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables

Eco-friendly cleaning products

We have all stepped up our home cleaning regimes over the last few months, this has caused sales of chemical-heavy cleaning products to skyrocket. Consider switching (even just a few) to eco-friendly cleaning products…these will also most likely be in recycled packaging as an added bonus. There are also many, many completely natural, family and pet-friendly cleaning tips to be found online.

Switch to low-voltage lighting

Switch to low-voltage light bulbs for your table lamps. Yes, there is an initial outlay but on average you will make that money back by saving on electric bills in around two months. This is a great move if you will be working from home more during the darker winter months. You could change your main form of lighting. Instead of having the big lights on in your living room or dining room all day place a recycled glass table lamp on a side table or sideboard near where you sit.

Photo featuring: Vance Neutral Lamp

Learn about interior lighting from Scandinavian design

Open plan living/dining room with wrap around floor to ceiling window

Scandinavian design can teach us a lot when we are looking at how to brighten our homes. It’s an integral part of home design in the Nordic countries where the days are short and the nights are long throughout the winter months.

Go natural

Scandinavian interior design and natural materials go hand in hand. This is why reclaimed wood furniture is the perfect way to furnish your room if you’re seeking Scandinavian furniture. Choose furniture with a light and natural finish – the natural colour of the wood and its homely feel will bring plenty of warmth into your room. Think pale wood or white dining table for your dining space, put it in a bright spot in your dining area to give plenty of natural daylight when you sit at it. Above, you can see how the Chelwood Medium Reclaimed Wood Dining Table almost blends into the white walls. 

Green velvet armchair next to green plant and books and cup on floor

Light and bright

Scandi design is all about white walls, minimal, clutter-free and windows that allow plenty of natural light in. Get your lighting right – you don’t want glaring white lights on all day and all night – warm, cosy lighting and layered lighting is what you want to achieve. Ideally, you should have the option to have bright lights when needed and dimmer lighting for cosy nights in front of the wood burner. An accent colour is also a great way to add a bit of brightness and warmth to a space, a bold coloured velvet armchair can bring a real pop of colour to the room.

Photo featuring: Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Clean lines

During the winter months, the Scandinavians spend a lot of time inside – this is why uncluttered and functional spaces are preferred…rather than feeling hemmed in with too many things lying around. Furniture should not be fussy, instead, clean lines and strikingly elegant design is what is called for. Open shelving or a ladder bookcase would work well in a Scandi design – the openness does not break up the space the same way as a closed-in wood bookcase would – but of course, it’s not to be cluttered!

White scheme bedroom with two rustic hanging pendant lights and wall art


Scandinavian furniture was born out of a need to use the materials that were readily available with an emphasis on nothing goes to waste, this is where the eco-friendly and sustainable element originates from. This mindset still exists today in home building and interior decor. Where possible go for bamboo or jute lampshades, reclaimed wood furniture, such as a rustic coffee table, or a wooden floor with rugs made from natural fibres. Bring some nature into the room in the shape of houseplants, which will also help to brighten the room during winter months.

Round fire pit with flames next to a wide lake

An outside room

To really embrace the Nordic culture in your home design you should have an outdoor seating area that you can continue to use during the colder months. Warm-up weatherproof seating with faux fur throws, cushions and some blankets to wrap around you. A wood fire pit will turn a cold and dark outside space into a warm spot with a flickering natural flame to watch as well as illuminating the space….it will be a place you will want to spend as much time as possible.

Take a look at our top 5 pendant lights

Black double pendant light against white painted exposed brick wall

Now we are getting deeper into winter…. and the longest hours of darkness, we are looking at stylish ways to light up our rooms.

Jute hanging pendant light over side table next to a grey sofa

Here we have a look at our top pick pendant lights. These are no longer limited to being suspended over the dining table, the breakfast bar or above the stairs. They look really stylish hanging over a small bedside table as well as also over a small side table at the end of your sofa, or in a reading corner. This is also a great way to keep dangerous, dangling cables out of the way of babies and toddlers.

Beige bedroom with padded headboard and two small orange fabric pendant lights beside bed

A pendant light can be a subtle addition to your room, a way to distribute light more evenly or it can be a bold statement piece reflecting your personality. You can layer lighting in your room depending on what mood you want to set in different areas and at different times of day or night – use a combination of downlighters, pendant lights, table lamps and even fairy lights to cover all your lighting requirements.

Rustic kitchen with two metal framed hanging pendant lights over breakfast island

1. Large Woodchip Pendant Light
Eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture is hugely popular so we wanted to extend this to accessories. Woodchip has made a stylish comeback in the shape of modern pendant lighting. The woodchip used to produce this light is moulded using completely biodegradable woodchips into a classic industrial form. This gorgeous and sustainable light fitting would be right at home illuminating a reclaimed wood dining table.

Large woodchip pendant light over reclaimed wood dining table with velvet dining chairs

2. Bamboo Segia Large Double Pendant Light
Bamboo is another material that is making its way back into the eco-conscious modern home – and here it’s doing so in the shape of a stunning statement double pendant light. Produced from durable and sustainable bamboo this light fitting pairs up beautifully with rustic furniture in any room of the house.

Large bamboo double pendant light over white dining table against white exposed brick wall

3. Bamboo Darcy Single Pendant Light
We love the minimalist qualities of this bamboo pendant light. The rustic shade allows light to filter freely around the room, creating interesting shapes and patterns.

Bamboo hanging pendant light over white reclaimed wood dining table with vase and white table runner

4. Bamboo Half Moon Double Pendant Light
Believe it or not, this modern pendant light is also produced from sustainable bamboo but with a polished, shiny finish. Available in natural, white and black – this pendant looks stunning if you have an industrial black-legged dining table.

Close up of bamboo detailing in bamboo pendant light shade

5. Manta Triple Pendant Light
This handcrafted triple pendant light is a gorgeous weave of natural and black bamboo, three complementing lampshades hang in a cluster to create an unusual yet very stylish pendant. This will blend in perfectly in a living or dining space filled with light coloured, natural and earthy materials.

Three hanging bamboo pendant lights over dining table with green leaves in tall vase

Great ways to brighten up a dark dining room

Dark dining room with black dining room table

If you don’t have a lot of natural daylight streaming into your dining room here are a few of our top tips to help brighten it up.

Bright kitchen diner with wooden dining table, chairs and dark rug


Crisp white walls

White reflects light – so the number one tip is to keep walls and the ceiling nice and white, crisp and clean. Light bounces around a white room and scatters light around the space. Build on the white theme by adding white curtains or blinds, white mirror frames or white framed artwork. This includes wiping down walls to keep them as white and bright as possible.

Pale wood dining table with matching spindle chairs in bright dining room with dark blue doors

Photo featuring: Branford Round Extending Dining Table – Oak

Pale wood and white furniture

Of course, a great way to introduce light into a room is by furnishing with light coloured or white furniture. A Scandinavian minimalist theme is perfect, the whole concept of Scandi style is to make the most of natural light and to use every means possible to bring yet more light into the room. The Scandi interior embraces sustainability so reclaimed wood furniture is hugely popular. Crafted from high quality light oak, we think the Scandi influenced round Wycombe oak extending table is a perfect choice. A round dining table set also works particularly well in a small space as it has no corners so it will make your space look bigger. The Chelwood Medium Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is another excellent option, with this trestle table you have the option of a wooden bench as opposed to individual chairs. As a bench has no back, again it will make the room appear brighter with less in it.

Photo featuring: Chelwood Medium Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Layering lighting

If your dining space is in a kitchen you can place one or two glass table lamps on the top of a kitchen sideboard, hang fairy lights in dark areas or stand a floor lamp in a dark corner. Wall lights also work well as the light is concentrated on the walls -more eye level than a ceiling light, these work particularly well if they shine light down as well as up.

Photo featuring: Vance Neutral Lamp

Use a light floor rug

If you have a dark floor and want to bring more brightness into the room you can add a light coloured rug. With grey still a popular colour in interior style right now you will easily be able to find a light grey rug that suits most interior decor styles. It’s a neutral colour and will help break up and brighten dark flooring.

Add a bit of black and accent colours

A great way to make the white really pop is to add a couple of dark items to the room – we suggest adding a black pendant light – this works to make the white look whiter! A black pendant light works wonders over a reclaimed wood dining table as it distributes the light more evenly around the room. Bright and bold accent chairs will also help brighten the room – adding a burst of vibrant colour against the white will bring in another eye-catching contrast against the white.

Modern wing back chair in bright red in empty room with white walls and black hanging pendant lights


How to add glamour to your dining room

Reclaimed wood dining table with dark wood and gold legs with blue velvet dining chairs
Dining room with round dining table and pink velvet dining chairs and reclaimed wood sideboard

First and foremost let’s look at dining tables – this is the focal point in your dining room and what you will spend the most time in this room sitting around. If you don’t have space, or the real need, for a big 6 seater dining table then consider a round one like the glamorous industrial Luxe Kensington.

Back buttoned grey velvet armchairs with black wooden legs

Photo featuring: Bladon Grey Velvet Dining Chairs

If you love your dining table or don’t have the budget to change this right now then you can switch up a notch when it comes to chairs – velvet is a regal fabric and will quickly glam up any dining room. Fabric chairs with button backs and stud detailing will also do the trick – If you can’t afford to replace all chairs you can also switch a couple of chairs for an upholstered bench – they really are the thing in dining room style right now – add some glamourous cushions that coordinate with other elements of the room to tie it into your scheme.

Industrial reclaimed wood drinks cabinet

Photo featuring: Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Drinks Cabinet

A cocktail cabinet in the dining room just screams “seasoned entertainer”! Practice your cocktail making skills on your dinner guests in style with the Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Drinks Cabinet, plenty of room for all your drinks, glasses and anything else you might need, all tidily tucked away when not in use. This is a piece of reclaimed wood furniture with an industrial element, the luxurious wood patterning gives it its glamourous vibe.

Dark wood sideboard with gold handle and frame

For a similar dark wood sideboard see our Pimlico Elm Large Sideboard

Wooden sideboards are a great addition to any dining room – a place to hide away clutter with the added bonus to add an elegant display on the top of if. Gold or silver candlesticks, a sparkly framed mirror, a house plant in a decorative plant pot and glass table lamps so you have more subtle lighting when you’ve finished dining. Of course for lighting over the dining table you can add a chandelier or a pendant light, this will add the feeling of height to the room as well as look fab.

Large white sideboard with two table lamps

See a similar white sideboard see our Worcester Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard

Whatever type of flooring you have in your dining room, you can always add a rug under the dining table and chairs – it just anchors your dining set in the room. You can use this opportunity to reinforce your chosen colour scheme.

Living room furniture that has stood the test of time

Brown leather chesterfield sofa with rustic coffee table and wooden sticks with blue candles

Living room style has changed a lot over the years – from a formal room used for special occasions and receiving guests, to the room many of us spend most our relaxation time in. Here we have a look at what pieces of furniture have stood the test of time and continue to be a living room favourite.

The Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa started becoming popular in Victorian living rooms during the mid 19th century, the colours and fabrics have been changed to follow interior design trends over the years but the basic style remains the same. This classic 3 seater leather sofa is here to stay, it’s hugely versatile and continues to timelessly blend with ultra-modern, industrial or reclaimed wood furniture.

Photo featuring: Oswald 2 Seater Sofa

Wing back chair

This is another living room classic. The design of this armchair was initially driven purely by functionality not for comfort or for its aesthetics – they were designed with sides and a high back so that the person sat in it would not be affected by drafts, common in a 16th or 17th century house. Similarly, these features also offered protection from the blistering heat as they sat by the fire.

Photo featuring: Grayson Grey Fabric Armchair

A mid century sideboard

Sideboards were originally only for the dining room – initially just a table against the wall on which the food would be placed – then shelves were added below and then doors until they ended up being what they are today. Their storage capability was recognised and they made it into the living room, where they now store board games, DVD and console games, books and anything else you want to keep close to hand but hidden out of sight.

Mid century style sideboard against grey wall with ornaments on top and print behind

Photo featuring: Mitcham Large Oak Squared Industrial Sideboard

Faded rug

Faded pink rug with glass coffee table and pink velvet sofa

Photo featuring: Louis de Poortere Fading World Pink Flash Red Rug

The oldest known surviving rug is the Pazyryk Carpet which dates back to around 500BC – but textile floor coverings are thought to date back more than 4,000 years. With today’s endless fabric dyes and weaving capabilities, we have a huge choice when it comes to living room rugs. These are definitely here to stay, we love how Louis de Poortere rugs mix a modern faded finish with classic rug designs.

Wall mirrors

Hanging a big mirror above your mantlepiece is the classic way to decorate over the fireplace. Some suggest this was historically done as frames and wall mirrors would have been very expensive – frames were often made from silver, ivory, tortoiseshell or ebony – it was the done thing to display your most valuable pieces in a prime position so it would be the first thing people see as they enter the room. Of course, fine art was also displayed in this prominent position and now we often see a TV over the fireplace.

White living room with white armchair, mirror of fireplace and large green plant


Pendant light

Pendant ceiling lights are believed to have originated in ancient Greece where they started off as a clay pot hung up with animal fat in and a wick for burning….Luckily they have come a long way since then! Now they are a must-have in a living room with a high ceiling. In a living / dining space, you can hang one over a dining table or suspend one so it hangs over a sofa end lamp table as a stylish alternative to the standard table lamp.

Natural hanging pendant lights in living room with bright blue wing back armchair and light grey sofaFor similar pendant light see our Karine Jute Pendant Light

Easy ways to make your dining space look more expensive

Open plan dining space and living room in front of large window with large hanging pendant light

Now that we are heading towards autumn, and with winter fast approaching, we are spending more and more time indoors. We might spend a bit of time on thinking how to give some of our living spaces a bit of a freshen up and upgrade – here we look at a few quick tips on how you can make your dining room look more expensive.

One statement piece

You don’t have to go out and buy a complete new set of dining room furniture! Just adding one statement piece can lift the room, something like a dining room sideboard will make a huge difference – plenty of space to clear away any clutter, an extra surface for when the dining table gets a bit crammed (will come in handy at Christmas) and also a surface to add a couple of ornamental items. Another option is to update just your dining table – a reclaimed wood dining table will make an instant impact. A reclaimed, or rustic dining table or an industrial dining table can be paired with so many styles of chair from leather dining chairs to upholstered dining chairs and look particularly good with dining benches.

Upgrading dining room seating

If you already have a dining table you love then you can just swap up the chairs you have around it. For a luxurious look choose a combination of a rich velvet upholstered bench and dining chairs. Dining benches are definitely here to stay, plus there are so many styles to choose from. Mix soft leather chairs like the Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chair with an industrial dining bench to add some loft style sophistication to the room. You can dress a bench with small throws and cushions to glam up your seating and give it the designer magazine look.

Photo featuring: Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chair

Add new lighting

Pendant ceiling lights are all the rage – decluttering your dining room and hanging a pendant light over the table will give you a quickly achieved chic new look. You can choose one large pendant or have a cluster of smaller lights. Natural bamboo is hugely popular right and eco-friendly.

Large bamboo pendant light over large wooden dining table with white spider legs

Photo featuring: Bamboo Sergia Large Pendant Light

Accentuate features

Make the most of the features you already have – dress up the fireplace, make the most of an exposed brick wall, add an accent chair. If you have French doors to the garden dress them with new curtains. You can add some wood paneling halfway up a wall or hang some glamorous wallpaper on one wall.

Dining room with exposed brick wall with large mirror and glass pendant ceiling light


Coordinated dining room textiles

Choose your favourite colour and have fun accessorising, add cushions on benches and chairs, get a new table cloth, placemats and napkins. Place a houseplant or two in matching pots or add a coordinated lamp on your sideboard. A silver rug set below a dining table with silver accents, will anchor the dining table and give you a base colour to accessorise from. And mirrors of course always look great!