New rustic beauties to make a house a home

Lovely Linen Tablecloth and Table Runner

Moving to a new home is a momentous occasion and it is customary to offer family and friends a small gift for their new castle.

There are so many different new home gift options, ranging from luxury candles to a more generous round wall mirror, but the giving of table linens is always a welcomed treat. Our new launch of linen tablecloths, napkins and runners make for a stylish gift for new homes, or better still, a beautiful addition to your home.

Why choose linen?

Linen is a natural fabric, made from the fibres of the flax plant. It’s quite a lengthy process to create and every linen item is essentially unique, boasting a range of other beneficial properties too. For example, the close weave of high-quality linen items makes them very strong, absorbent and naturally fast drying. Not to be confused with cotton, linen is the fabric of choice in countries with hot climates because it is a cool, fresh fabric to wear and use, not to mention timelessly stylish.

Linen tablecloths

There is nothing more luxurious than adding a fabric table cover or cloth to the dining table. It adds a protective layer, as well as acting as a delightful platform from which to showcase your table settings. The closer the weave of any fabric, the more luxurious it feels and we can’t think of a better way to style our collection of dining tables than with these high-quality linen tablecloths.

Lovely Linen Tablecloth

From rustic to farmhouse, industrial to Scandi, the tablecloth is an accessory that fits with every design style. Choose from six delicious colours – the soft neutral shade of off white, dusty pink, avocado, denim blue, light and dark grey.

Linen table runners

The table runner is perfect for adding a dash of colour and vibrancy to the dining table. And with our colour range, you can add contrasting and complementary colours. How about a dark grey linen table runner, for example, with an off white table linen cloth? Or a grey tablecloth to complement the dark, black steel legs of your industrial dining table with a dusty pink linen table runner to add an element of surprise?

Lovely Linen Table Runner

The table runner is also the ideal location for nestling Rathbornes scented large candles. Allowing their delicate scent to waft gently around the dining room…

Linen napkins

Linen napkins are a perfect choice. Opt for the same colour napkins as the white tablecloth for coordinated elegance. Or mix and match the colours to present a truly unique table setting that is also slightly quirky (but still full of style).Lovely Linen Misty White Tablecloth

Linen tablecloths, napkins and table runners are a wonderful way of adding colour and texture to your dining table. Accessorise with large candles and diffusers or keep them carefully stored in a dining room sideboard and bring out on special occasions.