Our top 3 best coffee shops in London

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Coffee on Wooden Table

A recent survey suggested that Britons eat out twice a week and with Eating Out Week celebrating the best of British cuisine from November 18th onwards, we thought we would take a look at the best coffee shops in London. But rather than just assessing on their menus alone, we thought we would add our own twist – we’ve chosen city-based coffee shops that are using reclaimed wood throughout their establishment. And we think this responsibly sourced backdrop adds beauty and ambience to any space, as well as supporting great menus and delicious drinks.

It was tough, but we whittled it down to three choices. The next time you are in the capital, why not pay these guys a visit?

Lumberjack, 70 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8QZ

Good coffee is more than just about grounding beans and dousing with hot water. Flavour is developed in how the coffee plant is grown and cared for, but also how the community is cared for too. And that’s why Lumberjack’s, with its well-designed reclaimed wood interior, is on our list.

Lumberjack is all about the 3 C’s – coffee, craftsmanship and community, three things that we love too. It is a business that invests in people too, helping young people with employment opportunities whilst honing craftsmanship skills too. Who would have thought that buying a coffee could make such a difference?

Cup of Coffee on Table


Brew92 is a specialist roastery and coffee company based in Saudi Arabia but with coffee shops opening in the UK, it is easy to understand the appeal. Liquidesign created the interior space and there is something appealing, not only about the speciality beans and coffees on offer but the mix of reclaimed wood with raw materials too. In effect, this is the industrial style at its best – functional and pragmatic, with brickwork meeting steel, with reclaimed wood softening the edges.

Artisan Coffee

Artisan Coffee

And finally, we have Artisan Coffee who have four popular coffee shops in London – they can be found in Stamford Bridge, Putney, Ealing and East Sheen.

Alongside delicious sweet treats, the ingredients of which are sourced as locally as possible, this coffee ‘chain’ uses a single-source coffee bean that makes a delicious coffee, smooth and mellow, perfect for any time of day. But again, like the other two coffee shops, it is not just about the coffee, it is about the vibe.

As well as selecting playlists for the day, the people of Artisan Coffee also understand the importance of creating the right backdrop – and that flat-pack furniture is just not going to cut it. Enjoy the delights of reclaimed wood and detailed craftsmanship, as you enjoy a smooth and mellow coffee.

We’d Love to Hear From You!

There are amazing coffee shops serving a wide range of teas, coffees and beverages all across the UK, all with a fantastic backdrop of reclaimed wood and other materials. If you know of some, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what makes their coffee good and why the reclaimed wood and materials are part and parcel of the vibe.