Introducing our new glamorous Standford Collection

Knightsbridge Reclaimed Oak Dining Table and velvet chairs

We have gotten ourselves a little bit excited about our new Standford collection of reclaimed wood furniture and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

This range is for the environmentally conscious who really don’t want to skimp on style and luxury it’s crafted from prime reclaimed wood with its natural markings and undulations proudly on display. The industrial element is introduced by the shiny silver metal legs and frame. This range of rustic furniture includes everything you would need to luxuriously furnish your living room, dining room and hallway – so let’s have a look in a little bit more detail!

Photo featuring: Standford Large Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

For the dining room

The focal point of a dining room is, of course, the dining table – the Standford brings together a rustic dining table, a good helping of glamour and a brings in a dash of industrial. This statement dining table looks gorgeous when you add plush velvet dining chairs or a velvet dining bench. This collection includes three different size wooden sideboards giving you complete flexibility to choose how much storage you need and also how this range will fit into your dining room. If you only have a little space then the console table will give you an extra surface to put serving dishes and drinks on.

Photo featuring: Standford Large Reclaimed Wood Industrial Sideboard

For the living room

Of course, an industrial sideboard is a great option for a living room too – plenty of hidden storage space for family games, DVD’s books, console games etc. With a solid wood coffee table in the collection, an oak side table and the choice of either a small TV stand or a large TV stand your living room furniture could be coordinatingly complete.

Photo featuring: Standford Reclaimed Wood Small TV Unit

We think the clean industrial lines make this an ideal furniture for the modern home as this collection will also add a real warm rustic element to contrast. The incredible character of the prime solid oak used to craft these pieces is sure to be a conversation piece in your home and will definitely encourage compliments. In the image below you can just see how this collection will bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Most importantly you will have a clear conscience knowing that your furniture has been skillfully produced from reclaimed wood that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

For the hallway

A narrow reclaimed wood console table is perfect for the hallway – hang a mirror over it for a last once over before you head out the door and a decorative dish keeps keys in so you aren’t hunting around for them when you’re trying to get out the house.

Photo featuring: Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Create a Bedroom Both You And Your Teen Will Love

teenage girl under duvet

Teenagers can be a tricky bunch, and not just because of their general untidiness and moody tendencies. Not quite adults, but fiercely independent, they are starting to carve their way in the world and a demonstration of this new individuality often starts with claiming their bedroom space.

Teenage girl lying on metal bed

When it comes to designing a teen’s bedroom there are several factors to consider, but the most important thing is that it has to be a space they enjoy spending time in and is personable to them. It’s their space, not yours and although it is you who will be paying for it, going against their likes and dislikes is a false economy – you’ll only end up redecorating anyway!

Industrial furniture has everything a teenager could want in a bedroom. Natural reclaimed wood furniture with black steel and metalwork gives a Shoreditch loft vibe that teens and parents alike will love. Check out our guide to creating a space where your teen can sleep, study, socialise and just be themselves..

Space to sleep

Sleep is important to all of us, but for a teenager, it is more important than life itself! Jokes aside, during teenage years sleep is vital for their development, and therefore, the right bed is not only central to the design scheme, but to their growth.

Reclaimed wood bed in bedroom with matching wardrobe

Picture features: Standford High Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you have the room, a double bed is a win and for a double win, make that a bed with storage. A reclaimed wood bed frame is ideal, especially for an industrial look; solid enough to withstand a strapping teenage boy, yet soft and warm to blend with a prettier scheme if desired.

And, don’t forget blinds or curtains. Blackouts are the best way to ensure natural light is blocked out as much as possible.

Incorporate a study space

A personal work space will come in very handy over the teenage years. Like it or not, they will be spending a lot of time at their desk and if it can be an area that helps them be more productive, they’ll thank you for it.

Industrial desk with black metal frame

Picture features: Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

A slim reclaimed wood desk or even a shelf against the wall can be all that is needed. Pick an industrial desk with black metal detailing for a utilitarian feel and don’t forget space for organising notes, books and pens. Desks with drawers are great to help corral everyday study essentials or consider industrial shelving, a small bookcase or wall-mounted storage if space is tight.

Say yes to savvy storage

Zinc topped wooden chest of drawers

Picture features: Zinc Top Architects Cabinet

Of course, the end objective as a parent is for your teen to keep their room tidy. A losing battle perhaps, but storage is key to helping them at least attempt to keep their bedroom tidy. As well as hidden storage under the wooden double bed, doors and draws are the trick here or any closed storage for that matter. A small chest of drawers, wooden blanket box or wooden wardrobe will help keep items out of sight and tidy habits encouraged.

Flexible furniture

Teens can be fickle and prone to change, so furniture that can be moved or used for other functions is a wise choice. Built-in furniture is perfect if the room is a tricky shape, but isn’t so great when a teen’s quest for change kicks-in. A reclaimed wood wardrobe with black metal feet can be moved to the other side of the bed should a teen decide on a different look, whilst an industrial desk can be used as a dressing table or gaming station at the weekend.

Reclaimed wood wardrobe

Picture features: Dulwich Reclaimed Wooden Wardrobe

Personal touches

A teenager’s bedroom is the perfect place for them to show off their style and spend time with their friends. Adding elements that make it easy for teenagers to take ownership of the decor will help ensure they are happy with the end result. Notice boards or wooden shelves to display photos, old festival tickets and wristbands and holiday memorabilia works well in a teen room.

White bedroom with framed art on wall

Grooming station

Grooming and cleansing may not be high up in an early teens priority, but as they progressive into teenagedom, this is going to become a well-used spot. Not only to ensure the rest of the family gets an opportunity to use the bathroom, adding an area for a teen to get themselves ready gives them a personal space to experiment and express their identity in private. A modern dressing table will be a welcomed addition or simply adding a floor mirror or round wall mirror will help create a zone to get ready.

Final tip

Don’t ever use the word ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ to describe any part of the room or piece of furniture; teens are likely to instantly disown it (and most probably you)!

6 of the Best Coloured Armchairs

Multicoloured velvet fabric armchairs

The quickest route to show off your interior design confidence is with a bold colour. A pop of unexpected colour in a room not only adds personality, but let’s the world know you’ve got this interior styling thing sorted!

Blue velvet armchair with side table and grey painted stairs

However, if, like most of us, you don’t exude that confidence and are wary of any other colour of the rainbow other than white and grey, here’s an interior trend that you can jump on and be brave with…..the jewel hued modern armchair.

Coloured fabric armchairs exude sophistication and add an instant wow-factor to your space, whether that’s the living room, hallway, bedroom or open plan living/dining room.


1. Ava White Armchair

With its soft shade, upholstered in faux sheepskin, this chair will inject glamour into any room. 

2. Edward Leather Armchair

We love this armchair for its shape as well as its colour. It’s solid oak frame, this stunning brown leather armchair is a perfect addition to anyone’s home.


3. Reeves Rattan Armchair

This wooden armchair with a black painted finish will liven up any dull corner in any room. Crafted in super strong ash wood, rattan back and wide armrests provides both comfort and support.

4. Grayson Fabric Armchair

A modern fabric armchair providing both comfort and sophistication. With it’s retro shape and it’s slim metal frame, adding a touch of modernity to the overall design. Small occasional chairs are a great choice for the home as they can be easily moved around and placed wherever needed, whether that’s the living room, bedroom or even a home office. 

5. Oswald Armchair

The Oswald Armchair showcases an elegantly minimalistic design, making it a versatile fit for various interior themes. Cloaked in premium top grain full leather hide, its inviting warm brown tone harmoniously complements the ash legs. 

6. Preston Armchair

Dive into the epitome of comfort and sophistication with the Preston Armchair. This lounge chair, designed meticulously for those seeking a blend of style and relaxation, promises unparalleled serenity. Whether you’re indulging in a book, catching a quick nap, or just unwinding after a long day, the Preston ensures every moment is cloaked in luxury.


What’s your favourite?

Why an Industrial Home Office Never Goes Out Of Style

Wooden desk with cup of black copy and notebook

Industrial style home office with brown chair

The home office should be a comfortable, productive place to work. Style is, therefore, important. There are many schemes you can choose for your home office furniture, but the industrial style never loses its cool. Functional, practical and hardworking, it is a timeless choice that will last for years to come. Here’s how to give your home office an industrial-chic vibe.

  • Start with a neutral colour palette

The industrial style has a wonderful neutral backdrop to not detract from the typical industrial features that set this style apart from others. If you don’t have brick or steel work to leave exposed, opt for warmer but barely-there shades of very light cream or off-white. You could also stick with crisp white as this also helps the light in the room.Home office with black steel bookcase and bicycle

  • Choose reclaimed wood furniture

The industrial style is a sublime combination of reclaimed wood with cool steel and exposed brick. And so opting for reclaimed wood home office furniture, such as a reclaimed wood desk is a must. However, this doesn’t always mean a rustic or unrefined finish. It means opting for furniture styled to give it the ‘industrial’ edge that you are looking for. For a beautiful reclaimed wood table to leather office chairs, to storage solutions and display units, there are many options.

Industrial wood desk with metal detailing and brown faux leather chair

  • Get heavy with the metal

Metal is an important element in any scheme but whilst we are used to it being shiny and reflective, in true industrial furniture style you want matt or black metalwork. From the steel legs for a reclaimed wood industrial desk to an all-metal office table or storage item, the use of metal is a must.

Two industrial style desks, including black metal desk

  • Choose office storage that works for you

It is easy to be lulled into thinking that the storage solutions seen in the glossy pages of magazines and websites will be perfect for your home industrial office. Think through what storage solutions will work for you and then set about finding what suits your working needs best. From wooden storage cabinets to open shelving with baskets and wooden boxes, there are many solutions. But they only work if they work for you.

Three styles of industrial office storage, including metal bookcases

  • Play with materials

Brick is the obvious choice for channelling an industrial feel, but if you don’t have a red brick wall to expose, you can opt to showcase other industrial materials. Concrete is not just for car parks. And it doesn’t have to be grey and unfinished. Concrete, providing it is the right mix, can be buffed and smoothed to give it an industrial edge. Or why not cheat with concrete effect wallpaper? Add some wood touches and elegant lighting to warm the space.

  • Opt for pendant lighting

Black double pendant lighting with white exposed brick wall

Lighting is key in any space but has extra importance in your working environment. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for harsh lighting or modern fittings. Choose a minimal pendant light fitting – the large metal bowl shade is ideal – and have them clustered or hanging individually in key areas of your home office, such as over your white desk chair or storage cabinets.

Stylish and functional, you won’t regret choosing the industrial style for your home office.

How to throw an unforgettable Wimbledon garden party

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball

Wimbledon officially kicked off on Monday and considering it has become synonymous with the Great British summer, we think it provides the perfect inspiration for garden parties galore this summer. Here are a few of our ideas to throw a truly unforgettable Wimbledon themed garden party.

Get your garden game ready

Did you know the grass at Wimbledon is kept as precisely 8cm throughout the tournament but is looked after all year round? The grass courts are preened to perfection so make sure you get your garden in tip-top condition before your party.

Bistro Set with 4 Chairs and Round Garden Table

Make sure you’ve also got plenty of seating for all your guests so the party can go on long into the night. If you are planning on serving a sit-down meal, an outdoor table and patio chairs may be the perfect option. However, you may prefer to go for a slightly more relaxed feel, keeping preparation to a minimum and maximising enjoyment. If that’s the case, rattan outdoor furniture like a rattan garden sofa is a great option – you can fit loads of friends on a garden sofa and they’re super comfortable too!

Harting Rattan Garden Sofa Set

For those that are going all out, we absolutely love the garden bar table and chairs sets. They’re absolutely fabulous if you love to entertain and are certainly Wimbledon worthy for serving all that refreshing Pimms!

And what about decorations?

Make sure your garden looks the part by decking it out with decorations perfect for the occasion. Fairy lights not only look great but they’ll also light up your garden long into the evening. Table runners (perhaps in a grass green with a couple of tennis balls as a centrepiece to boot) and bunting are two other great options to make sure your garden looks the part.

Depending on the space you’ve got to work with, you might fancy going all out and setting up a tennis court in your back garden. Or perhaps swing ball may be a better option!? Not only will this make sure your garden looks the part, you can also turn it into a mini-tournament from the comfort of your garden. It’s a great idea if you’ve got kids coming too (but no doubt the adults would love it too!)

Tennis Whites

Why not pay homage to the ‘all white’ rule at Wimbledon by having a dress code for your guests. Get everyone in the mood to play tennis and relax with crisp white shorts and summer dresses.

Alternatively, you could opt for a sports luxe theme – comfy and casual, perfect for a garden party in the middle of the day.

Ready, set, SERVE

Rattan table with drinks

Food and drink is clearly a key part of throwing a smashing garden party! With Wimbledon, it’s really easy to keep preparation to a minimum and please your guests all at once.

The classic Pimms and lemonade is a staple for any BBQ or garden party, but it’s even more appropriate at a Wimbledon bash.

Strawberries and Cream in Bowl

The theme of dessert is also sorted, of course, with strawberries and cream. If you love to go all out, you could even serve three different strawberry desserts as a trio – perhaps the classic strawberries and cream (or Eton mess if you’d prefer), a strawberry cheesecake and a Victoria sponge with strawberries – all simple but absolute crowd pleasers!

Have you invested in any reclaimed wood furniture for your garden this summer? Perhaps you’ve thrown your own Wimbledon themed garden party already? We would love to know!

Daring leather furniture to update your beautiful space

Leather Coffee Table in Living Room

Leather Coffee Table

Leather furniture is something which will never go out of style. But, if you are looking for furniture which will make a statement in your home, there are also plenty of options. Here are a few of our favourite leather pieces which are certain to take your breath away.


As the main piece of furniture in your bedroom, your bed can make or break your space in terms of style. If you are looking for something which adds the wow-factor and will bring to life an otherwise understated space, a leather bed may be the perfect option. Carnaby Leather Bed is a beautiful option, upholstered in Aniline leather and featuring a padded, button back. The ultimate bed for sitting and reading or relaxing with a cuppa in the morning.

Carnaby Leather Bed

To let the bed do all the talking, keep the rest of the room light and fresh. Paired with soft coloured walls, sleek dark wooden furniture and bright white bedding, a brown leather bed would look truly divine for a vintage take on modern style.

Living Room

As a room you probably spend a lot of time in, you could be forgiven for wanting to keep it simple in terms of style. Of course, in terms of leather furniture, leather sofas are the obvious choice when it comes to introducing beautiful leather into your home.

However, the living room is a great space to have some fun with when it comes to decor – and to really make an impact on your guests. 

Alternatively, a unique take on the classic tub chair may be just the ticket. Our aviation inspired Edward Leather Armchair would certainly create drama in a contemporary space, paired with simple furniture and gorgeous silver accessories to accentuate the sleek curved metal back.

If you really want to make a statement, a large living room rug in a colour like soft grey may just create the perfect pairing.


If you work from home, your home office may just be one of the most important spaces in your home. After all, there is nothing worse than a bland, uninspiring workspace you don’t want to spend time in. If you are looking to update your space, why not pair leather furniture with gorgeous industrial style for a luxe, New York City warehouse aesthetic.

Bordon Brown Leather Two Drawer Desk

Leather desks are a great alternative to the traditional wooden desk. Different enough to make a beautiful statement, but still wonderfully practical. To add a modern, industrial twist, industrial shelving would look fantastic piled high with your favourite books and trinkets from your travels. A leather desk certainly provides the perfect base to a truly incredible space.

Will you dare to make a statement with leather?

Amazing Easter decorating trends to look out for

Eggs Table Decoration

Easter Eggs Table Decoration

Easter is just around the corner and for many people, this means a long weekend full of sunshine and fun family time. It is also the ideal time for entertaining. If this is the case, you will be wondering what Easter decorating trends are coming our way.

We have sourced the best ideas so that you can create the perfect stylish and sumptuous backdrop to your home this Easter, from a reclaimed table to the centrepiece that rests on it.

Dining, Food and Table Settings

Easter is, for many, a time to feast together as a family, and friends too. And this means pressure on the dining room to be a stylish, spring-inspired room. Whether you have a large extending farmhouse table or an urban modern landscape to the dining room, we have some great ideas.

Table centrepiece – Flowers

With Easter comes warm summer sunshine and this means that the garden wakes from its winter slumber. Spring flowers are delicate and usually pastel coloured and so use this as the centre table piece. Keep colours light and pastel, from indoor flowering bulbs to arrangements of flowers in vases.

Flowers on Table Decor

Detailing – Simple

Spring is a time of simplicity and so this means keeping the details and accessories simple too. As well as flowers, keep the patterning light. Ditch the heavily coloured table cover for your reclaimed wood table and replace with crisp white. Napkins should be white or keep them a light colour with simple patterning.

Invest in – Fabric dining chairs

Spring is a time when we make changes and updates to interiors. From re-decorating to investing in new pieces of furniture, spring is the time to make big and small changes. If there is one thing you invest in this year make it coloured dining chairs. There is a range of colours and fabric to choose from when it comes to upholstered dining chairs. And again, they work well with a farmhouse dining table as they do with a modern dining room set-up too.

Metallic finish – Your choice!

Florence Cream Fabric Dining Chairs at Provence Dining Table

Candles are a great addition to the dining table at any time of year but come Easter, they add a gentle, romantic flicker. But if you want to ring the changes from tea lights, opt for tall candle holders instead. Use these pretty accessories to add the metallic finish to the spring dining room, something that every room needs.

Colour scheme with a difference – monochrome

The classic mix of black and white is perfect for any time of the year. Elegant, simple and non-fussy, to add a hint of spring to the look soften the sharper edges of the monochrome colour scheme with hints of pastel shades such as pretty peony pink or watery spring sunshine yellow.

Spring schemes are all about nature and so it makes sense that alongside your reclaimed furniture and your impressive farmhouse table that you bring in as much nature as possible. From spring flower arrangements to indoor flowering bulbs, there are many ways in which you can ring the changes. How do you decorate your Easter dining table?

Put the spotlight on the wonderful coffee table

Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table and Grey Upholstered Chair

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

We are a nation of coffee lovers so it is no wonder there’s a day to celebrate our affinity for the coffee bean with ‘Coffee Break’ being celebrated on 4th March.

And whilst coffee is perhaps the best way to wake up in the morning, it can also provide a fantastic source of inspiration for our home decor too! Coffee shop decor is hugely popular in interior design, working particularly well in your living spaces like the kitchen and living room. Not only is the coffee shop look ultra-modern, cool and quirky, amalgamating luxurious and industrial design, but there is also something social about the social too.

The Kitchen

If you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen, you already have a fantastic base to recreate that gorgeous coffee shop look in your home.

Bembridge Rattan Bar Stools

Alternatively, if you have the space, a breakfast bar table and stools will create a similar look. In the corner of your room, or by a large window to bring light in and wake you up in the morning, you can create a fantastic spot to drink your morning cup of coffee. This compact table with the matching stools is a great option – not only does it not take up much space, but it also adds coffee shop style which will work with any modern kitchen design.

The Living Room

Often used for larger spaces to sit and chat with friends, the combination of sofas and a gorgeous coffee table, is a popular feature in coffee shops.

Perfect for those with a soft spot for modern living room furniture, an industrial coffee table, offering a combination of wood and metal adds a really interesting addition to any living room. The style works really well with leather sofas (as are often found in coffee shops) or, for a real industrial meets glamorous feel, velvet sofas. After all, the infamous Central Perk set-up in Friends featured the iconic golden velvet sofa! The style looks even better if you are fortunate enough to live in a property with a unique fireplace or some exposed brick you can utilise.

Industrial Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Lamp Table

There’s often discussion as to the necessity of a coffee table, but we think they look great and are fantastic for creating a really sociable living space. Perhaps if you are very tight for space in your living room, a coffee table may be tricky, but traditionally, they work wonders as a central point of the room. If you do not have the space, a wooden side table or two conveniently located by the sofa can provide the tablespace you need to pop your morning cuppa and are another way of injecting the coffee shop or industrial style into your room.

What do you think? Are you inspired to inject some coffee shop style into your kitchen or living room? Or maybe you don’t like coffee at all! Either way, we would love to know!