Practical and stylish hallway storage furniture

empty entrance hall with red door and houseplant

In our last blog, we looked at ways you can style a hallway – tips and ideas to create a warm welcome to your home. To follow on, in this blog, we look at clever hallway storage to help keep the space clear and clutter-free.

wooden shoe storage unit with shoes in it

Seating with storage below

There is nothing worse than coming in with bags of shopping and falling over pairs of shoes strewn across the floor. Of course, a shoe rack is an obvious solution, but as we are looking at practical storage we like a shoe storage bench with a seat on top so you can sit down while putting your shoes on. You could choose one with wicker baskets to hide shoes away in, you can also pop other items in this such as hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, even dog leads…all those things you will be looking for on your way out. Another option is a tall shoe rack so you can style the top of it with a houseplant, a table lamp and a conveniently placed bowl to keep keys in.

white wooden storage unit with louvered doors

Under stairs cupboards

If you have an under stairs area you can get some fitted cupboards installed which is a very practical and clutter-free solution to hallway storage. But if you prefer the natural beauty of reclaimed wood hallway furniture then this would be the place to add hallway storage such as a bookcase, a ladder shelf unit, a storage bench, a chest or wooden shoe storage, tucked out of the way but very easily accessible on your way out of the house.

coats hanging on wall hooks

Coat racks

Coats are another thing that we really do need to keep in the hallway. You can get a simple rack mounted on the wall, or a traditional hat and coat stand. If you need a little more room for coats you can get an open wardrobe, these will often have a rack on the bottom and a shelf on the top so you can add baskets or boxes for hidden storage.

Console table

A reclaimed wood console table is the perfect addition to your hallway being nice and narrow they take up little floor space. One with a couple of drawers like the Chelwood console table, pictured above, to store items you need on your way out.