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Rustic styling tips for small bedrooms

Rustic styling tips for small bedrooms

Styling a small bedroom means solving many problems but it is possible to create a relaxing space. The rustic style lends itself perfectly – streamlined, yet warm and comfortable, it brings many options to the smaller bedroom.

Limit the colour palette

Reducing the number of colours you use on walls and soft furnishings will bring a sense of symmetry and cohesion. The rustic interior design style effectively uses a neutral but warm colour palette which means that cool light blue walls or warm pastel yellow will work perfectly with reclaimed wood furniture.

Maximise floor space

A clever trick and one that you can use in any small space is to maximise the amount of floor on show. The more floor you can see, the bigger the small bedroom will feel.

And that means choosing a reclaimed wood bed that not only fit with the rustic style but is also non-bulky and overly oppressive.

With space between the underside of the bed and the floor, the headboard and footboard of the Standford reclaimed wood bed won’t look or feel too much in the smaller bedroom.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Bed and Blanket Box in Rustic Bedroom

Consider painted bedroom furniture too, such as in the Worcester Collection, a range recently added to the Modish stable of beautiful rustic reclaimed wood furniture.

Maximise light

Light is important in any space but in a smaller bedroom, if it is at a premium, you need to take steps to make more of every inch of daylight and ambient light too. Mirrors and shiny surfaces clearly make a marked difference in a small space. A floor mirror will work wonders, especially in a shaded corner.

Floor Mirror in Bedroom with Bed and Open Wardrobe

Consider storage options carefully

Storage options in the smaller bedroom need to be carefully thought through. Not having enough makes it a less-than-practical space but you don’t want to crowd the room either. Consider which bedroom storage options will offer the best solutions. For example, a tall chest of drawers in a small room that has high ceilings won’t look out of place – the Winchester tall chest of drawers is a stunning example as are the tall drawers from the white painted version from the Dorset Collection.

Thornton Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers in Bedroom

Other chests of drawer options include the ample storage offered by a 6-drawer chest. With less height but broader width, the six-drawer option would be ideal along one wall. Accessorise with a pretty lamp and key pieces to add harmony and symmetry to the bedroom.

Frame the room

Like all rooms, a small bedroom needs points of reference that make sense to the eye. And that means getting to grips with framing the space. The easiest means of achieving this is with bedroom rugs. As well as adding colour, they bring texture too but choose size wisely – always leave a gap around the edge of the rug and the wall – and consider how much colour you want or need the rug to add. The rustic bedroom style relies heavily on neutral and light shades of colour but a darker shade of a highlight colour wouldn’t go amiss. A green abstract pattern rug wouldn’t look out of place.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Central Park Green Rug

Don’t squeeze everything in!

Choose pieces carefully starting with the bedframe, followed by storage options but think outside the norm too – there is nothing to say that a blanket box won’t work in a small bedroom as storage.

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