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Scandinavian Style Oak Dining Tables Under £800

Scandinavian Style Oak Dining Tables Under £800

The Scandinavian style is a beautiful one, streamlined, minimal and yet warm and welcoming. Its simplicity is key to its success, a factor that works well in the dining room. If you have a nordic landscape planned for the dining area, a Scandinavian oak dining table and chairs will be top of your list.

Why choose a Scandinavian oak dining table?

As a wood, oak is robust and yet so very beautiful that it suits every home. Better still, there is a beautiful oak table to fit every budget. Considering how long you’ll have the table in your dining room, investing in a beautiful dining room table is the foundation of your dining room.

Delightfully versatile, how you dress the dining table can also help make it the practical piece of dining room furniture you need.

1 Opt for the largest oak table you can

Wycombe Oak Extending Dining Table with Chairs and Oak Bench

If you regularly entertain or have a large family opting for an oak dining table and chairs that is large enough to accommodate everyone is clearly essential. A 6-seater dining table makes perfect sense – not too big to swamp a room, it still offers plenty of seating options. Its light colour and light frame make the Scandinavian oak dining table the perfect choice.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Dining Table and Faux Leather Dining Chairs

If you have the space – you need about a metre from the back of the dining chair and the nearest object to form a corridor around your dining table – you could opt for a larger dining table, such as an 8-seater dining table. Mix it up with the industrial dining table style if you want the block table top but without the heavy leg and frame.

Hambledon Oak Round Dining Table and 4 Oak Chairs

Quick tip – struggling for space in the dining room? Opt for a round oak dining table. Anything circular promotes the flow in a room, making it easier to move around the space.

2 Dining seating

The lightness of the frame means that dining chairs should emulate this. Anything too blocky will look too heavy against the lithe frame of a Scandinavian styled oak table.

This doesn’t mean you can use coloured fabric upholstered chairs – far from it! – but consider the tone and ‘weight’ of the chair.

Wycombe Oak Dining Table and 2 Oak Benches

A great solution is the dining bench. There is a utilitarian appeal to a minimal bench that sits well alongside the oak dining table. A table flanked by an oak bench on either side is a superb solution to the busy kitchen diner and doesn’t swallow floor space either.

Portobello Oak Dining Table and Bench

If you don’t want a too matchy-matchy finish between the Scandinavian dining table and chairs, you can always switch it up a little with a sprinkling of the industrial style. Working well with an oak table, the lighter metal frame of an industrial dining chair adds a little extra zing.

3 Dressing the dining room

The dining table is the not only essential piece of dining rooms furniture you need. Alongside the table and dining chairs, you need storage solutions with the small oak sideboard coming in at the top of the list.

But again, opting for ‘lighter’ pieces in terms of both colour and design is key to allowing the oak dining table to be the star of the show.

Rocco Oak Dining Table and Faux Brown Leather Dining Chairs

Detailing is key. If you want the dining table to stand out, opt for one with statement legs or frame such as in the case of an oak dining table with interesting industrial legs. Or go all in; opting for a Scandinavian style oak table with slightly chunkier finish with a frame that sits well with the dining benches.

Kielder Oak Dining Table with Oak Chairs and Bench

Which Scandinavian oak dining table would you choose?

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