Style tips to transform your coffee table

Style tips to transform your coffee table

A coffee table is definitely a living room staple! But, it can be so much more than just a place to put the TV remotes and cups of coffee down on. Here we have put together a few ideas to create a perfect centrepiece for your living room.

Industrial coffee table with books and plants

First decide if your coffee table really matches the style of your room – a chunky sofa with a small elegant coffee table may not be the best combination for your room. Your coffee table should be in proportion with other furniture pieces. If you are going to splash out on a new coffee table try to get the proportions right.

To make the coffee table appear as though it takes up less room you can opt for a round wood coffee table. If you have a long sofa with two chairs opposite them you should choose a rectangular one. If you have a large room then a square coffee table will work with the room best. If you don’t have room for a coffee table then you can choose side tables or a nest of tables, giving your more free space when they are not in use.

Brown leather armchair and industrial side table for Style tips to transform your coffee table blog

Once you have decided what shape and size coffee table would work best in your room you can home-in on the style. A rustic coffee table is perfect for a traditional style farmhouse whereas an industrial coffee table would look as perfect in a loft-style room as it would in a suburban home – to bring in a stylish industrial element. A reclaimed wood coffee table is a beautiful and versatile piece of furniture and will look great in your room whether you have other pieces of reclaimed wood furniture in it or not.

Now let’s have a look at how to make the most of your coffee table and turn it into a stylish centrepiece.

Make it about you – You can add plenty of personal touches to your coffee table if you like to read books display some of your favourites on it, if you and your family enjoy games then have a chess board on it, if flower arranging is your thing then display a vase of flowers.

Reclaimed wood coffee table chest with removable tray inserts

Less is more – Don’t overload your coffee table, a couple of things on top are all you need to add. If your coffee table has a shelf below don’t be tempted to fill it with books, magazines and other bits and bobs, if you need storage space in your living room add baskets on the shelf to keep things hidden or consider a trunk coffee table or a coffee table with drawers.

Reclaimed wood coffee table with green velvet armchair

Style tips – Use the 4 step guide – 1, place something tall on your table, 2, something quirky, 3, something living like a house plant or flowers and 4, some books. Try to choose different height items, different colours and shapes to keep it looking original and interesting.

Wooden coffee table with small plant and wooden tray for Style tips to transform your coffee table blog

Use a tray to keep it looking ordered – If you do have a few little personal things you like to keep close at hand like TV remotes, glasses, a pen, drinks coasters etc. then put them on a tray on your coffee table – this will help consolidate these smaller things into one larger item helping it look less cluttered.