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Make the most of a single-wall kitchen with these tips

Single wall kitchen furniture - white furnitureA kitchen running along one wall is great if you are looking to save space or if you want to create a kitchen diner in a small or narrow space. Not only this, they are practical and cheap to install. Here a few of our ideas to make the most of this kitchen style.

With a single wall kitchen, it is a great idea to separate your room out with flooring or a rug, to create some separation between your cooking and eating areas, and also to ensure your floor doesn't look too blocky. Depending on the shape of your room, you may be able to use different flooring to create kitchen and dining areas. However if you have a narrow space and the kitchen along one of the longer walls, this is unlikely to work so well. In that case, add a rug underneath a small kitchen table. 

With dining tables in a smaller kitchen, the trick is not to go for something too large or with a chunky design. Slimmer designs will create the illusion of more space and will suit a smaller or narrower kitchen. 

Something like the Stanford Cross Leg Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table would be perfect. The farmhouse kitchen table offers a neat, clean design making it perfect for smaller spaces. Available in standard or a higher height, you can create a stylish dining area or even a breakfast bar in your kitchen. Pair the higher height table with wooden bar stools for a wooden farmhouse kitchen with plenty of charisma, and add your colour in with your rug and other plants and accessories.

One of our kitchen table sets would be a great option. The Allegro Live Edge Oak Dining Set is stunning, and is perfect for adding simple elegance to a traditional or an ultra contemporary kitchen. The table can be paired with benches, chairs, or a mixture of both so you can tailor it exactly to your room. If you are struggling for space, you could even push the table against the wall and just have a single bench to ensure it is neatly out of the way. 

Instead of one of our rustic kitchen tables, you could also create extra storage space and potentially extra worktop space with an island. A reclaimed wooden island will not only section out different areas of your room if this is what you are looking to do, it will keep a smaller kitchen area clutter free and will give you space for bulky items you may not otherwise have a home for.

If you don't want extra worktop space and are just looking for storage, a reclaimed sideboard would make a perfect accompaniment to your kitchen furniture. 

The sleek design of the Hudson Living Kielder Oak Sideboard would be great in a sleek, contemporary kitchen with its clean lines and minimalist look. Behind each cupboard is a shelf so there is plenty of storage for dinnerware, or even for putting baskets with store cupboard ingredients or vegetables and potatoes. Alternatively, you could go for a sideboard with an inbuilt wine rack, like the Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack Sideboard, ready for all your entertaining needs.

If you love to entertain, a single wall kitchen is great for creating an easier space to move around. You could even create a bar area with a space for serving and making drinks for all your guests, or even just for use as a breakfast bar. Pair with a couple of oak bar stools to complete the look. Not only is this perfect for entertaining, a bar area tends to take up less space than a dining table. 

The Raw Light Oak Tall Stools are perfect for this. The Scandinavian kitchen stools perfectly blend timeless design and the beauty of natural wood for a look which will look great in any room.

For more inspiration, or to find the perfect kitchen furniture for your space, take a look at the Modish Living website or get in touch with one of our team members. 

How to choose the perfect wood dining table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Macy grey dining chairs

Your dining table and chairs are substantial pieces of furniture. You should choose your wood dining table with care, thinking about how it will need to adapt in the future, but you’ll also know only too well what you like the look of – so it’s essential to strike a balance between great design and versatile functionality. Here we bring you some tips on what to consider when purchasing your dining table.


A round dining table or a rectangular table are the two most favoured options, but which will work best for you? A small round dining table works well when space is limited as with a little squeezing, you can seat a fair few diners around your table without encroaching on too much space. This rectangular oak dining table and chairs is also ideal for when you want a streamlined, minimal look but without compromising on quality.

Which comes first, the table or the chairs?

Some people prefer to purchase dining room table sets, whereby the table and chairs match perfectly. But, if you want to make a statement, choosing chairs and a dining table separately could be the answer.

Making the table the centrepiece of your dining room

There is nothing quite as attractive as a grandiose dining table. No matter what your style, a fantastic dining table really packs a punch. This exquisite example of a reclaimed wood dining table is the perfect example. The distressed look of the wood, full of history and character, works well with the modern gloss of the metal frame. Even the sumptuous upholstered dining chairs cannot detract from its beauty.

Making the chairs the stars of the show

Dining chairs can really add va-va-voom to a dining room. There are almost unlimited options when it comes to upholstered dining chairs, with all shades of colours, as well as a choice between fabric and leather.

Of course, fabric dining chairs don’t work for everybody. A great option are wooden dining chairs. Equally as elegant, wooden chairs are easy to keep clean and suit a range of styles, from farmhouse to rustic

Most of our dining chairs are customisable too, so you can create something truly unique for your home that diners will admire.

Choose your style

Of course, a large factor in your choice of dining table and chairs is your style.

This oak farmhouse table works well in a dining room or kitchen space where you want the pleasing feel of the farmhouse style.

Likewise, opting for the rustic dining table or the industrial dining table style is ideal in a busy home where you don’t want to compromise practicality and function for style.

Adding details

The ‘how and why’ of your dining table are also important considerations.

For example, if you regularly host family dinners and extensive gatherings, an extending dining table with chairs make perfect sense.

But we think that dining furniture is a great way of adding detail without overpowering the space. The legs of the dining table are often forgotten in terms of design which is why we have added details to ours…This reclaimed wood round dining table with the circular, art deco-esque leg adds a wow factor to any dining space. If you want detail but without too much fuss, this rectangular dining table with robust legs is one choice. The circular elements add the right level of detail. And there is something pleasingly ‘chunky’ and firm about the end-of-table column legs on this farmhouse table.

Many pieces in our dining furniture ranges can be customised to suit, giving you even more scope on creating a dining table and chairs that you will love for a long, long time to come.

Get your Scandinavian hallway with these easy steps

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Console Table for Scandinavian Hallway

If you like clean, simple lines, light muted colours with flecks of texture and depth, the Scandinavian interior design style is the ideal interior design choice.

The hallway of any home needs to be uber-functional and practical. It is the place everyone passes through as they enter and leave your home, it is used for storage and it is the transient part of the home that conveys people from one room or one level to the next. It is like a huge interior traffic island!

This doesn’t mean that the weight of practicality must outbalance style and with the Scandinavian look, you will get the best of both worlds.

To get the low down on the basics of the Scandinavian style and how to apply to your hallway, read on…

1 Hard flooring

Forget wall-to-wall carpets and opt instead for hard flooring, preferably wood or as close to the natural wood product as you can.

2 Light, muted colours

Leave the colour charts next to the fizzy coloured paints and opt for white, very light creams and beige muted tones. If you must have colour, stick with barely-there grey and blues for the walls.

3 Wood

Natural materials are an important part of Scandinavian design, with wood being the most important. Keep wood as much in its natural form as you can. Reclaimed wood and oak furniture work well as entryway furniture in a Scandinavian interior. This oak console table with single drawer, for example, looks perfect and is perfect for storing keys or mail.

4 Clean lines

Clean lines with minimal fuss is key to many interior designs and it is certainly true. Think of hallway furniture with clean lines but without harsh angles and corners. This simple, yet striking elegant console table would be the perfect choice for Scandinavian furniture.

5 Uncluttered spaces

This can be a tough ask of a hallway in a busy home but it can be done. It means choosing accessories that fit the space whilst providing a purpose. A chair in a hallway, for example, is the ideal addition. Somewhere to sit to pull on or take off your shoes, and a handy platform for dropping your bag on the way in. A pair of simply-styled Scandinavian chairs made from oak work great or for added texture, consider the contemporary jute seating pad of these elegant Scandinavian chairs.

6 Simple accents

Minimal fuss is the order of the day and so accessorising the space can be a tough call. With its raw finish, this wooden ladder accessory can be left as it is or you could paint it to add character. A great piece of furniture for the hallway, you can hang anything from dogs leads to pretty lights.

7 Maximise light

The Scandinavian style makes the best use of light, important in a part of the world where darkness falls quickly and early in the day too, during the winter months. In the hallway, light can be in short supply - keep window treatments to a minimum and ambient light bright but not stark.

Mirrors are standard hallway furniture. Opt for a wall-hanging wood framed mirror or this floor-standing, leaning wood framed mirror for elegance and practicality too.

With fantastic pieces perfect for the hallway, which will you choose?