Take a look at our top 5 pendant lights

Black double pendant light against white painted exposed brick wall

Now we are getting deeper into winter…. and the longest hours of darkness, we are looking at stylish ways to light up our rooms.

Jute hanging pendant light over side table next to a grey sofa

Here we have a look at our top pick pendant lights. These are no longer limited to being suspended over the dining table, the breakfast bar or above the stairs. They look really stylish hanging over a small bedside table as well as also over a small side table at the end of your sofa, or in a reading corner. This is also a great way to keep dangerous, dangling cables out of the way of babies and toddlers.

Beige bedroom with padded headboard and two small orange fabric pendant lights beside bed

A pendant light can be a subtle addition to your room, a way to distribute light more evenly or it can be a bold statement piece reflecting your personality. You can layer lighting in your room depending on what mood you want to set in different areas and at different times of day or night – use a combination of downlighters, pendant lights, table lamps and even fairy lights to cover all your lighting requirements.

Rustic kitchen with two metal framed hanging pendant lights over breakfast island

1. Large Woodchip Pendant Light
Eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture is hugely popular so we wanted to extend this to accessories. Woodchip has made a stylish comeback in the shape of modern pendant lighting. The woodchip used to produce this light is moulded using completely biodegradable woodchips into a classic industrial form. This gorgeous and sustainable light fitting would be right at home illuminating a reclaimed wood dining table.

Large woodchip pendant light over reclaimed wood dining table with velvet dining chairs

2. Bamboo Segia Large Double Pendant Light
Bamboo is another material that is making its way back into the eco-conscious modern home – and here it’s doing so in the shape of a stunning statement double pendant light. Produced from durable and sustainable bamboo this light fitting pairs up beautifully with rustic furniture in any room of the house.

Large bamboo double pendant light over white dining table against white exposed brick wall

3. Bamboo Darcy Single Pendant Light
We love the minimalist qualities of this bamboo pendant light. The rustic shade allows light to filter freely around the room, creating interesting shapes and patterns.

Bamboo hanging pendant light over white reclaimed wood dining table with vase and white table runner

4. Bamboo Half Moon Double Pendant Light
Believe it or not, this modern pendant light is also produced from sustainable bamboo but with a polished, shiny finish. Available in natural, white and black – this pendant looks stunning if you have an industrial black-legged dining table.

Close up of bamboo detailing in bamboo pendant light shade

5. Manta Triple Pendant Light
This handcrafted triple pendant light is a gorgeous weave of natural and black bamboo, three complementing lampshades hang in a cluster to create an unusual yet very stylish pendant. This will blend in perfectly in a living or dining space filled with light coloured, natural and earthy materials.

Three hanging bamboo pendant lights over dining table with green leaves in tall vase