The best restaurants to try in London

Wooden Spoon on Kitchen Table

Round Dining Table Decor

Eating Out Week encourages us to sample the culinary delights of cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and eateries, and so now is the time to turn our attention to the finer things in life – and that means looking at some of the best restaurants to try in London. There may only be three restaurants on our list – we are sure you can add many more – but we think we have all tastes covered with these choices.

Top End Luxury – Food and Surroundings

The area of Vauxhall in London was centuries past, the place where people went to be seen. It was the place you went for enjoyment, listening to the music at the bandstand and the colour in the gardens. It was also a place where suitors staked their claims to young ladies and gentlemen showed their wealth with their latest purchase and ladies admired the fashions.

Brunswick House describes itself as ‘crumbling splendour’ although there is nothing crumbling about it. Surrounded by the grandeur of yesteryear, you can enjoy a bespoke dining experience at the elegant wood dining table and sumptuously upholstered dining chairs, marvelling at what it must have been like all those centuries ago. Who knows, maybe your ancestors met here?

A Taste of the Orient

London is a mix of cultures, meaning there is a vast range of culinary delights from across the globe. If you want to try ‘something different’, enjoying a cacophony of taste experiences on the tongue, look no further than The Begging Bowl.

Wooden Spoon on Kitchen Table

Serving Thai dishes for lunch and dinner, this quaint restaurant has a backdrop that is more than delightful. It embraces the ‘communal’ feel in which diners are encouraged to sit at larger, communal tables because, as we know, food brings people together. It is a bright white space with colourful reclaimed wood slat on the walls and pretty patterned china bowls for the sticky rice dishes and stir-fries. Why not wash it down with a cocktail or two?

Pizza Anyone?

There are times, however, when eating out needs to be a less complicated and fussy affair. Luckily, we have the solution in the shape of Pizza East, a pizzeria on Portobello Road.

Pizza on Dining Table

Of course, Eating Out Week is not just about dinner, but any meal. And guess what? Pizza east serve breakfast! Pop in for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, or enjoy the delights of brunch. Enjoy ‘mac’n’cheese’ out of the wood oven or stick with pizza, choosing for all kinds of toppings to make a bespoke pizza experience that is all yours.

With a rustic style, the interior of this eatery is awash with ideas of how reclaimed furniture can be used, breathing new life into a space that everyone gets to enjoy.

Your Recommendations

Of course, these are just our ideas, catering to our tastes. We love fine dining, as much as we love stretching the dough and layering pizza topping combinations that are unique to us. Where have you eaten in London? Which stylish restaurants have you come across?