The bright alternative of the classic rustic

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Sidetable

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Sidetable

The rustic style is a popular one. And no wonder, there is a welcome simplicity and warmth to the style that works in every room in the home.

Essentially, the key element of the rustic style is sweet wedded bliss between wood and other ‘raw’ or natural materials. Think stone, instead of brick, slate instead of tile. Think exposed beams and a colour palette that is neutral: warm creams and beige, offset by the beautiful patina of the wood. When colour is added, it takes on earthy tones – rustic greens and blues, maybe a pop of golden yellow or deep orange.

There is a sweetness and a charm to the rustic style but sometimes, we want something different. But here’s the rub: we want something different, but within the confines of the rules. It can be tough, but we have the solution: the Whiteleaf Collection.

A Collection for Across the Home

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Warrdobe

Continuing elements of the rustic style throughout the home means a welcome cohesion, a chance to wave clutter and fussiness goodbye and when it comes to the Whiteleaf Collection, the same is true…

In the Bedroom

A beautiful piece of reclaimed furniture, the hand finish to the Whiteleaf white bed frame is simply exquisite. Finished in India, the detailing on the headboard means that there is potential for uniqueness but without the hefty price tag. The wood is still a thing of beauty, sitting well within the rustic style without detracting too much from the key elements.

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Bed frame

The Whiteleaf reclaimed wood wardrobe is a thing of beauty too, especially when used alongside the chest of drawers from the collection, of which there are two sizes.

In the Living Room

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

The main gathering space in the house can be full of love, laughter, hustle and bustle. As such, the style needs to be practical, without being bland, it needs to be charming without being fussy. And that is why so many of us love the rustic feel but ring the changes with the white TV cabinet. With handy shelving space and two smaller cupboards on either side, there is something pleasing about the detail that fits perfectly in any busy home.

Add a white blanket box too, to serve as a coffee table, ideal for hiding clutter when unexpected guests arrive…

In the Dining RoomWhite Wash Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

The dining table is the place around which we gather – we entertain guests and we laugh, listen and console our loved ones – and so it is no surprise that we take so much time to choose the right one.

The White Wash inlay reclaimed wood dining table is elegantly simple, ideal for a busy home that has no time nor need for clutter, fuss and unnecessary detail. You can always add detail with a pretty table centrepiece and candles.

For the kitchen/diner or the large dining room is the Hoxton white dining table. The contrast between the painted white legs and the smooth, wood table top is divine. Reclaimed wood furniture has a charm all of its own so there is no need to cover it and fuss over it; let it tell its own story.

And so, within the confines of the rustic style rulebook, you can create your own version of this simple, elegant and charming style.