The most beautiful extendable tables for summer soirees

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

With the summer finally here, spending time in the garden is a top priority. But as well as catching a few rays, it is more than likely that at some point, you will invite family and friends over for a get-together, BBQ or party.

Dining space and seating needn’t be a problem with our favourite extendable dining tables, perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Bring the indoors to the outdoors

Extendable dining tables are a fantastic and versatile investment, but it doesn’t have to stay in the dining room or kitchen diner – they work just as well on the patio too!

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Upholstered Chairs

Reclaimed wood furniture is not just a trend, it is a stylish means of reusing wood that has plenty of life left in it yet. But a reclaimed wood table also brings an air of romance to any room or space – as your fingers glide over the table top, you will wonder what secrets are hidden in the grains and knots.

And this romantic vision is perfect for entertaining outdoors, complete with a reclaimed wood table to act as a focal point, whether it is a sit-down meal or a buffet you are hosting.

Scandinavian style

Style is about creating a sense of cohesion and flow between objects thus, most designers suggest choosing an interior design style, deciding which key elements you will keep and build the interior or appeal of a space around these ideas.

Wycombe Extending Oak Round Table

The Scandinavian style is popular – clean, clear-cut, no fuss but with a penchant for all things natural, it is the ideal style for a kitchen diner or conservatory that leads out into nature and the great outdoors.

This oak table has it all – the warmth of wood, oozing with quality and yet stunningly simple.


A round extendable dining table is not the only solution when it comes to creating a dining space that invites conversation and interaction. A rectangular extending dining table and chairs also offer the perfect means to bring about warmth and connection over delicious food.

Some garden parties and get-togethers – like the BBQ – run along informal lines but sometimes, you want to dress it up a little. Not too formal that the summer dinner party becomes sticky and awkward but just enough to give it a sense of occasion.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table and Rattan Chairs

There are various ways of doing this and higher-backed chairs, along with flickering candles are just two factors that create an ambience of delightful formality in and around the room. From rattan to upholstered dining chairs, there is an extendable reclaimed wood dining table to match, giving you many options both for the Scandinavian appeal and other design schemes too.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table with Florence Chairs

Summer dining – an exquisite experience

There are so many ways you can throw a summer dinner party, creating a truly relaxed and almost magical experience. From the hustle and bustle of a BBQ to a more sedate afternoon tea party, to a formal dining experience in the conservatory looking out over your garden, the table is the central point around which everything pivots – so make it a stylish one.