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The Versatility Of Large Industrial Dining Tables

The Versatility Of Large Industrial Dining Tables

Whether it is an informal, ad hoc get-together or a planned, formal dinner party, the large industrial dining table is the perfect solution for the dining room. Seating more than eight diners, a large dining table looks welcoming with more than a hint of something grand about it.

But how do you make your choice? What should you look for?

Simplicity is key but details matter

When opting for a large reclaimed wood dining table, simplicity is the name of the game, but to stay true to the industrial style, the detail matters. Without detail, it slides into the modern, contemporary style category and so the beauty of the spider leg of the Amalfi large industrial dining table is the perfect solution. Detail without clutter, it also stays true to the practical nature of the industrial furniture style.

Amalfi Oak Dining Table with White Spider Leg

Presence without being imposing

The larger dining table brings with its dimensions alone a very firm presence to the dining room. Rather than attempting to diminish it, why not welcome its size because it is for its larger seating capacity that you have chosen it?

Hoxton Oak Dining Table with Black Steel Legs

The beauty of an oak dining table is not lost on anyone. It has a presence both in its leg design but also in the beauty of the wood itself. Nestle it into position with an industrial sideboard to maintain the industrial style and you will have a dining room perfect for any occasion.

Consider a dining bench

Seating is usually the main issue when it comes to any large dining table. For occasions when you know you will have more than you allocated seating, turn to the versatility of a dining bench.

Rocco Industrial Oak Dining Table and Brown Leather Chairs

But if you are thinking hard, wood benches, think again. The leather-clad dining bench with all the hallmarks of the industrial design is a stunning addition, comfortable too. Against the detail of the Rocco oak dining table, complete with industrial ‘leg work’, the industrial dining bench is perfection.

Truly rustic meets truly industrial

The industrial style is borne from the repurposing of industrial buildings. No wonder the meeting of raw metal with raw wood is such a traditional pairing in the industrial style. With the hint of luxury that is offered by the gleam of the polished, mirror metal, the 8 seater dining table from the Luxe Kensington Collection is an inspired choice.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Industrial Dining Table

Perfect seating

Faux leather or leather dining chairs are the perfect companions to the industrial dining table but if you feel you need more texture, switch it up with upholstered dining chairs. The key to successful and compatible dining chairs is to remember that detail is unfussy and doesn’t clutter the eye. For any of the large, 8 seater dining tables in the industrial range, grey upholstered dining chairs would make the perfect companions. Or if you feel you need more, go all out – there is no room for half-measures – and opt for the luxury of velvet dining chairs against the industrial dining table.

Imposing. Stylish. Practical. Beautiful. Who wouldn’t love this – and all the other large industrial dining tables – centre stage in the dining room?

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