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Unique reclaimed wood coffee tables under £500

Unique reclaimed wood coffee tables under £500

Tough yet welcoming and warm, there is a romance and a beauty to reclaimed wood furniture that sees it stand head and shoulders above its nearest contenders. Used across a range of furniture pieces and styles, reclaimed wood is simply breathtaking. The coffee table is the workhorse of the living room and that’s why the beauty of the reclaimed wood coffee table is desired by many. But which would you choose?

The multi-purpose reclaimed wood coffee table

Well within your £500 budget is this delightfully stunning piece, the Rustica reclaimed wood coffee table. With two drawers and an impressive tabletop for everything from a lamp to sculptural accessories, this coffee table could easily double as a bedside table or a reclaimed wood side table next to your brown leather sofa. In fact, this is one of those pieces that you’ll buy and no matter how many times to change your interior design style, there will always be a place for it.

Rustica Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawers

Rustic with a refined, contemporary edge

At the other end of the scale, so to speak, is the refined rustic appeal of the Farringdon reclaimed wood coffee table with storage in the shape of two drawers and a lower shelf. For any rustic style room, including the living room, this piece can be a stand out one or is equally as happy playing a supporting role.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawers

In a similar vein is the Chelwood reclaimed wood coffee table. Refinement is the middle name of every piece in the Chelwood Collection without compromising on its rustic roots. Reclaimed wood furniture retains its romance and unique story and yet it all comes together to offer storage solutions for the living room, the bedroom or even in the hallway. It is nothing if not versatile.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Storage

Rustic with a hint of coastal

The coastal look is popular but it is a hard style to get right. Too much ‘seaside detailing’ leads to it becomes too obvious and twee. Avoid this by making nods to the coastal interior design theme but maintaining rustic charm as the overriding ingredient.

White, rustic, reclaimed wood furniture is perfect if you want to introduce the breeziness of the coast but want to enjoy the charm and romance of the rustic look.

Don’t be deceived by its simplicity because the Savannah reclaimed wood coffee table brings so much to a room that’s it hard to list all of its qualities. Elegant it most certainly is, rustic and refined come to mind as well, and the meeting of bare wood with white painted framework is classic.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The Dorset Collection teases out the rustic style a little more with the merest hint of the coastal flavour. It too combines the perfect fusion of white painted wood with bare wood, becoming the go-to collection for those looking for all kinds of key pieces including reclaimed wood side tables, the painted coffee table and more.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The ‘chunkiness’ of the Dorset coffee table with drawers is satisfyingly pleasant. With a low-level shelf too, this beautiful rustic coffee table will suit any home (and any room) and is well within the £500 maximum spend limit too.

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