Ways to boost your self-confidence with a mirror

wycombe oak free standing mirror

Yoko Ono said “smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life”.

A mirror has so much more potential than a decor piece hung above reclaimed wood furniture for getting ready and doing the final check of your appearance before you rush out the front door. Use your mirror to your benefit to build self-confidence, become more positive and take full advantage of everything life throws at you.

girl in front of mirror

So, what is the ‘mirror technique’?

It is all about starting to believe in yourself, and your potential. Stand in front the biggest mirror in your house and let the weight of your body be evenly divided. A free standing mirror is a great idea if you have the room for it, as they are often full length, which allows you to see all of yourself, and get the most out of the exercise. 

Straighten your back, take a deep breath with your chest and put a light smile on your face. Then, talk to your reflection with positive affirmations like “I can” or “I believe in myself”, or add what you love about yourself and achievements so far, and continue to do so for 5 to 10 minutes. Think about the things you want to achieve and focus on only generating positive statements and thoughts. Try to do this everyday, in the morning if you can, so you start your day with confidence and energy.

Other ways to use your mirror to your advantage.

Write a mirror message on your mirror; use lipstick or a post-it note to write an inspirational quote that you will see when you look in the mirror. When you are getting dressed, or doing your hair, repeat the encouraging words to yourself. Change the mirror message everyday few days, or even every week for some new inspiration.

Improve your body language. When we are not confident, our body language shows it. However, to change that, sometimes it is as easy as looking in the mirror. Sit or stand in front of the mirror and look at how you naturally stand – are you standing up straight? Do you cross your arms? Where are your hands? Examine your body language and see if there is any small changes you can make to come across in a more positive light.

couple in front of mirror

Look in the mirror with a friend or as a couple and hear what they have to say. Often, we would probably be surprised, and it may challenge you to think differently, and more positively, about ourselves. Share what you both see when you look in the mirror and then tell each other what you see in each other.

And finally, what about the best placement of your mirror?

If you have a full-length mirror, the most sensible spot is probably in your bedroom. But if you have the space, they can also look stunning in your living room or hallway.

The one thing to bear in mind is to try and find a quiet spot in your home where you won’t be disturbed. A reclaimed wood mirror over a rustic console table in your hallway may look beautiful, but if you have other family members going to work, or kids running out the door to school, having it here may not be particularly practical.

For more inspiration browse our mirrors collection or if you have any questions get in touch with one of our team members.