Ways to style the foot of your bed

Rustic wooden bench at foot of boho bed

The foot of the bed is often a slightly overlooked space. In this blog we share a few different ideas to style up and make good use of this little bit of bedroom space.

An upholstered bench

An upholstered bench is a great addition to the foot of your bed, somewhere to sit and put your socks on when you are getting ready to go out. A place to pop the decorative scatter cushions off your bed at bedtime, somewhere to keep a selection of reading books or a surface to pop a tray of coffee on in the morning.

Purple velvet foot stool and large king size bed with grey headboard

A wooden blanket box

A blanket box or wooden chest is the classic piece of furniture to place at the foot of your bed. A great way to add a little more storage space for your winter or summer duvets, spare blankets, pillows, winter jumpers and anything else you don’t need to hang in a wardrobe.

Reclaimed wood blanket box next to wooden bed frame

A TV stand

A TV is a very popular addition to the bedroom and the foot of the bed is a good spot for maximum viewing potential. Of course there are the hugely expensive custom TV storage cabinets from which the TV rises using just a remote control. But if you like the look and feel of reclaimed wood furniture you can, of course, achieve the same thing using a rustic TV stand or if you like the TV a little higher up a rustic console table would also work.

Wooden bench at bottom of double bed in boho style

A wooden bench and baskets

A wooden bench is a simple place to put things down or sit on. If you were to add some wicker baskets underneath it or next to it, this would give you additional hidden storage that is easily accessible, you could also use one as a laundry basket.

Small grey sofa at foot of a double bed with white covers

A pair of chairs or a small sofa

You can create a small seating area at the foot of your bed – this would be perfect in a spacious guest room where you can place a small sofa or two armchairs. In a teen bedroom, a chaise longue or just a single velvet armchair would most likely be enough, add a small lamp table and you can create a cosy sitting area.

A gorgeous reclaimed wood footboard

Maybe less is more for you and you really like to keep things simple and just allow your bed be the main feature in your bedroom. The Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed could be the perfect investment for you, with its impressive head and footboards you will have the foot of your bed completely finished!.