What buyers like to see in a bedroom

Modern bedroom with large bed with white and dark green covers and cushion. Room also features tall houseplant

When potential buyers see the bedroom they are looking for calm, space and storage options. As it is a bedroom the bed should be the centrepiece.

Bedroom featuring large bed with light and dark grey covers and cushions and artwork on the wall

First, pay some attention to the general state and style of the decor. If the room is a child’s room and decorated to their taste with posters and bold coloured walls then consider how the room would look with some of the posters taken down and a more gentle colour on the walls. This is more likely to appeal to the masses! Clear clutter away – there is possibly no end of stuff you can clear by packing it ready to be moved or donating to charities. Of course, you may still like to leave some items, it is a child’s room after all! Don’t forget to give the floor a quick assessment, does the carpet need a clean and freshen up? Or could you dress the room and make it look a little cosier with a new rug on the floor?

Pink children's bedroom with white metal bed, white chest of drawers and sheepskin rug on wooden floor

If the room is a double room then show how a wooden double bed fits in it. This will really help the buyer see the potential of the room rather than trying to visualise it during the few minutes they actually see the room. If it is a little on the small side add a slim bedside table to show there is still room for the essentials. The other option is to use a dressing table with drawers to double as a bedside unit as well as a desk or dressing table. Of course, if it is a single room then put a single bed in it, rather than trying to fit in a double. Reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for styling a bedroom. Its natural features warm the room and blend with whatever interior scheme you have.

Photo featuring: Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bed

Don’t overfill the room, this is quite an important note – don’t try to show how much storage is possible by overfilling with furniture leaving the room feeling claustrophobic. A wooden blanket box looks good at the end of the bed – plenty of storage, while still being low level and making the room appear as an uninterrupted space.

White wooden king size bed with white covers, white painted bedside table and blanket box and beige curtains

When it comes to finishing touches then you can go to town a little. As we are making sure the bed is the centerpiece you can dress it with an extra throw, some cushions, and a lamp placed on a bedside table or bedroom chest of drawers. If the room does not have a mirror then you may want to hang one over a dressing table, place a houseplant on a small chest of drawers or some flowers in a vase. Patterned curtains may again distract the house viewers attention – if possible switch these for some blinds or plain curtains which you can coordinate with the bed.