What is Boat Wood Furniture and why buy it

Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table and Storage

Reclaimed wood is a popular choice of material for rustic furniture, but one particular type of wood you may not be so familiar with is Boat Wood Furniture. Let’s look into more detail about this unique and sustainable style of furniture – we think by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a new-found love for your home.

Old Reclaimed Boats

As the name suggests, boat wood furniture is quite literally made of wood from old boats.

The wood is reclaimed from boats that have become damaged and can no longer be used out at sea. The wood is solid, so the owner will sell the materials to local carpenters who will take the reclaimed wood and turn it into a beautiful piece of reclaimed furniture.

Experienced carpenters can work magic and produce amazing handcrafted rustic-looking pieces, which are all completely individual as they’re made from different types of woods with unique patterns.

Mary Rose Reclaimed Boat Wood Dining Table

Unique Boat Furniture Style

If you’re wanting to add a new style to your home, then this is the perfect way to go. Amazing pieces of reclaimed furniture can be produced this way, with reclaimed wood brought back to life in an array of different styles, colours and finishes. Whatever type of piece you’re looking for, be it a solid wood bed, reclaimed wood dining table, rustic coffee table, chairs, shelves, wooden chest of drawers, reclaimed wood sideboards or even industrial TV stands – they’re sure to make a perfect feature that will look great in any room.

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Great Ideas

When it comes to making a feature out of your boat wood furniture, why not try pairing the rustic vibes of the piece with a bare red brick wall? Or, paint the walls in a white or cream colour and let the furniture do all the design work for you? A simple backdrop will really make a feature of recycled boat furniture, allowing the patterns and colours of the wood to be the sole focal point in the room.

Alternatively, you could use light to highlight the beauty of your new boat wood table or sideboard by brightening the room with spotlights or maybe twinkling fairy lights for more magical boat table ideas.

Mary Rose 6 Drawer Reclaimed Boat Wood Sideboard

Reclaimed boat wood furniture is diverse, and almost anything looks good with it. It is also known to be easy to keep due to the wooden material it is made from, meaning it rarely needs cleaning to look great as it doesn’t attract dust, unlike other materials such as glass.

Timeless Elegance

The rustic style of a piece of furniture crafted from a reclaimed boat allows for a timeless addition, bringing a rustic feel to any room. Built by craftspeople with years of experience to not only be unique but solid and sturdy as well, this furniture will last a lifetime in your home.

Aimee Reclaimed Boat Wood Trunk Coffee Table and Storage

If this hasn’t persuaded you to buy at least one piece of reclaimed wood furniture, whether it’s crafted from a reclaimed boat or another type of recycled timber then the fact that absolutely no trees had to be cut down to make the furniture might convince you. This means that you’re helping to save the planet, one piece of fabulous furniture at a time. Can it really get any better than that?

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