How to Transform Your Home Into a Contemporary Space With Art

Cow portrait canvas painting contemporary modern art

So, you’ve been aiming towards a contemporary home, you’ve decluttered and minimalised. You’ve painstakingly redecorated in neutrals with bold statement colour here and there, added contemporary lighting, and introduced sleek pieces of furniture. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as renovating your bathroom and/or kitchen into a seamless contemporary masterpiece.

Contemporary modern art canvas painting cow portrait

But your home just isn’t feeling quite right, and you’re not sure you’ve put your own stamp on it. If this is you, one sure-fire way to bring your home to life is to introduce an art collection or expand upon your existing collection with some contemporary art.

How to choose the right art for your home

There are a number of aspects to choosing the right contemporary art for your home, and if you’ve never purchased artwork before, it can seem a little daunting. Panic not, however –below, we’ve explained the basics, so that you can get it right first time.

ram portrait canvas painting contemporary art


Colour is one of the primary reasons for choosing a piece of contemporary art, Go for colours that echo the rest of your room and, if necessary, finish the room with some extra touches, like cushions or ornaments that complement your new art collection.

If your room is mainly black or white, then choosing art that is predominately that colour with an accent colour like red or yellow and one or two matching ornaments of soft furnishings in the room brings about balance within the room making it feel complete.


Choosing art that echoes your furniture in terms of shape or rhythm will also help complete a space. For example, if your study desk has a curved finished, then selecting a painting with a curved composition works well. Emulating shapes in a subtle way has a big impact on any space.


When it comes to size and position, think about symmetry. Lining up a large canvas painting with the edges of your bed looks seamless and sleek, and truly contemporary. Don’t be afraid to oversize on your art for maximum impact!

Stag bedroom portrait canvas painting contemporary art


Art that has been hand finished with oil or acrylic paint really gives the piece character, really making it a feature and bringing your room to life. If your room is full of earthy tones, then a textured canvas works very well. 

Where to hang your new art?

Choosing where to hang contemporary art can be daunting at first, but the best place to start is your new contemporary living room. This is the space you spend most of your time relaxing – not counting the time you spend asleep in your contemporary bedroom of course. First of all, think about where you might like to hang or place some contemporary art, whether it be on a wall, a shelf or even on the floor – don’t be afraid to think outside of the box be creative with placement. Don’t forget, you can always move furniture around and relocate it to suit your new art addition – you’d be surprised at how much a room can be transformed with careful art-furniture placement.

With the right contemporary art, and the right placement, you’re sure to pull the look of any room together, giving you a seamless finish to any room.