What options are there for reclaimed bedroom furniture?

Beam Reclaimed Wood Bed

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is not just available in the dark wood option. Colour and tone vary with the type of wood, as well as the finishing processes but with dark furniture set to make a comeback, we thought we take a poll of what our Houzz followers thought about the colour options of reclaimed wood furniture for the bedroom.

We Asked, You Answered

The Houzz poll simply asked which of the three options would they prefer in their bedroom – the painted pieces from the Dorset range, the delightful chunky wood style of the Beam Collection or the brooding moodiness of the Winchester Collection.

The results were interesting. A small number of votes opted for the dark Winchester suite of items whilst the remaining pollsters were evenly split between the painted Dorset range and the mid-colour Beam Collection.

How to create your own unique reclaimed wood bedroom style

Imposing, yet elegant – the Winchester dark wood look

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed in Bedroom

It may not have been the most popular but there is no denying the beauty of the Winchester collection. Dark wood furniture is stunning, with a patina that affords it’s a classic elegance of its own.

Use in a bedroom with a neutral palette to really get the darkness to stand out or choose a darker wall colour and accessories to bring a sense of cohesion to the space.

If you are opting for dark wood furniture, there is no getting away from its moodiness so don’t hide from it. Instead, embrace it and reward yourself with a romantic boudoir that is truly stunning.

Light and fresh – the painted reclaimed wood furniture of the Dorset range

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bed

Not just for the bedroom, the Dorset collection of pieces is exquisite and more than suitable for every room in the home.

But in the bedroom, it is sublime. The painted bedroom furniture pieces with their slightly rustic finish gently sizzle with an understated finesse, the Dorset is perfect for the bedroom if you want the painted look, but without the ‘tweeness’. Frankly, the sleigh-shaped Dorset king size white wooden bed is perfect for any bedroom.

For the on-trend look, opt for barely-grey walls or fall for the blue tones of duck egg, and marry with brass accessories but with a light tough. Don’t let anything overpower the Dorset pieces, sublime yet outstandingly beautiful.

Chunky, satisfying, stylish – the rustic furniture English Beam collection

Again, like the Dorset range, there are English beam pieces for every room and space in the home but for the bedroom, the options are just perfect.

Sweet Dreams Beam Reclaimed Wood Bed Medium

The Sweet Dreams Beam reclaimed wood bed is unlike anything you will find anywhere else, in any other collection. Nothing touches it. Crafted and beautiful, there is a satisfying presence to it.

Complemented by other heavyset looking pieces, there is a femininity to these pieces that makes it one of our most popular rustic furniture collections.

Better still, it offers something to everyone. If you prefer the appeal of darker wood, opt for the dark wood finish. Or play it safer with the medium finish or be daring and tick the ‘neutral’ box and wait to see the unique finish and colour of your chosen piece.

Whichever colour, finish or collection you choose, with reclaimed wood you are guaranteed one thing: a uniqueness that is all your own.