Which colour is best for a leather chesterfield sofa?

Brown Chesterfield Leather Sofa in Living Room

It’s an important purchase and so little wonder we want to make the right choice in every way, from size to style and colour. With colour trends changing quickly, choosing the right colour and shade can seem like an impossible task. You want your leather sofa to make an impact whilst also providing a versatile backdrop to the rest of your rustic style home.

Shades of brown

The leather sofa that fits well within the rustic living room is the brown leather sofa. There is both decadence and opulence to a brown leather sofa, whether a small leather sofa or a large one that makes it as popular today as it ever was. But there are many shades of brown which impact on the colour choices that fuse with your chosen leather sofa.

  • Dark brown

At one extreme of the spectrum, you have dark brown, something that we often refer to as Bartollo brown. This is a beautiful shade, dark, chocolatey and velvet in its tone. It brings warmth and opulence in equal measure, as well as being a fantastic option for the busy family home.

Brown Chesterfield Cerato Leather Sofa

But it does depend equally savvy and bold colours around it. If you want to ‘open’ the room, opt for warmer shades of beige and cream, or even a light but earthy orange if you want a zip of colour. Dark brown leather sofas and armchairs also work well with darker colours, from forest green to a midnight navy or, if you are feeling bold, a crimson red with gold is a combination made in stylistic heaven.

  • Mid-brown

A popular choice because it gives the best of all colour combinations is mid-brown, such as the crystal tan of our leather Chesterfield sofa. This tan leather sofa sits well within bright, bolder colours used in the rustic style as well as cooler colours, such as a blue rug. Using darker brown rustic furniture brings its grain out to the best effect, perfect for when you opt for a reclaimed wood rustic coffee table to frame it.

Charlie Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa

  • Light brown

Tan, mocha, coffee, call it what you will, a lighter brown leather sofa or armchair is a sheer delight. In some ways, it is very similar to that of a cream upholstered sofa – visitors will think your ‘brave’ for opting for such a light-coloured choice.

Again, make sure that any wooden furniture has a darker wooden shade to it, or it can look a little vague and washed out especially when creating a rustic feel in the space.

Ring the changes with grey

Grey is a colour perfect for the rustic style and when it comes to a living room sofa, it is an ideal neutral shade that doesn’t compromise on impact. Shape and style of the sofa play a part too, as does size. Bretby Grey Leather Chesterfield SofaFrom darker shades of grey to lighter hues, to beautiful patterns, the smaller grey leather sofa can be a bespoke creation of yours with leather seating, for example, and upholstered arms. Creating your own bespoke sofa is the answer you may be looking for. Creating your own perfect seating in your rustic living room, whether that’s a 2 seater leather sofa or a larger three-seater sofa, you can enjoy the comfort of your sofa, knowing that it will age gracefully in design, style and colour.