Why dining benches are this season’s seat sensation

Stanton Brown Leather Bench

As the heat of summer starts to fade, our attention turns to making the interior of our homes warm and snug for winter. Autumn is a beautiful season – the colours are vivid but the chill of the evenings remind us that winter is coming. There is the fun of Hallowe’en to enjoy, the delights of Bonfire Night to look forward too and then a few weeks respite before the festive season begins.
How do you prepare your home for the winter festivities? One aspect you may be considering updating this year is the seating in the dining room and the kitchen to make them ready for the season of parties and social events you’ll host.
And this is where a kitchen table with bench comes into its own.

Why opt for a dining bench?

Bums on seats is a common phrase, but when it comes to social events, finding enough comfortable seating to go round your reclaimed wood extending dining table is a challenge. Diners balancing on footstools, children sat on the floor… it’s not the best way to entertain or make a good impression!.
A dining bench (or more than one!) solves a myriad of seating issues and as you will see, there are various dining bench styles to suit your design scheme.

Basic. Functional. Stylish.

A wooden dining bench with a strong allure of the industrial style is simple yet effective in the dining room, in the hallway, in the kitchen, on the patio… the list is endless.
With its square set metal legs, this reclaimed dining bench has so many uses that it is one of those pieces of furniture you’ll invest in that no matter how many times you redecorate or how many times you move home, your dining set with bench will fit right in.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bench

A rustic wooden bench

There is no need to leave your style hat at the door when it comes to choosing a dining bench because, as with all reclaimed wood furniture, this beautiful rustic wooden dining bench has it all sewn up.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bench

Every reclaimed wood item of furniture is unique. The wood used has a story to tell and although it may have functioned as something else for many years, it has lost none of its strength. It is this romance and functionality that many people love about a reclaimed wood dining bench.
Again, it sits well with your reclaimed wood dining table or in the hallway to muster together all the hats, gloves and coats that your guests will arrive in to buffer the chill of autumn. Easy to keep clean, it will be a vertical piece with use in your home for years to come.

Decadent, unapologetic luxury with a leather upholstered dining bench

As useful as the wooden dining benches we have shown you so far are, the dining bench with back blows away all doubt that every bench is hard and uncomfortable – and not for grown-ups.

Stanton Cerato Leather Dining Bench

The dining bench with back is ideal for any home (just like the others) and because it is available in a range of lengths, it is ideal with a reclaimed wood dining table.
So, which of these dining benches will you opt for?