Why is reclaimed wood better?

Close up of reclaimed wood dining table with open magazine
In this blog we will look at the benefits of choosing reclaimed wood over new wood the next time you purchase some furniture for your home.

Close up of rustic wood with wine glass and plate

Firstly and most importantly it’s the eco-friendly thing to do. Choosing to buy furniture produced from reclaimed wood saves new trees being cut down – but just as important, it saves wood going to landfill or being burnt when it is perfectly good enough to be reused. As long as there are old buildings and boats being dismantled, here in the UK and overseas, and railway tracks or scaffolding boards being replaced there will be a good supply of wood ready to enjoy a new lease of life.

Wood hardens and strengthens with age which makes reclaimed wood more durable than new wood – this ensures your reclaimed furniture pieces are robust and sturdy – perfect for the family home.

One of the key features of reclaimed wood furniture is that it fits in beautifully with either a modern or rustic look. Reclaimed wood can be mixed with a bit of shiny bling…. as it is in the case of the highly stylish Kensington industrial range. The wood used to create the Kensington range is salvaged railway sleepers that are processed and then teamed with a striking silver framework. The end product is just perfect for a high-end dinner party in a swanky city centre apartment. The Kensington dining table can be purchased with an optional glass top which allows the beautiful wood to be seen, while also making it completely practical for family day-to-day use.

Rustic reclaimed wood dining table with grey fabric dining chairs

If you are looking for a rustic dining table for a traditional or modern farmhouse kitchen then one of the Colette tables could be for you – they’re just gorgeous!

Reclaimed wood dining table with fabric dining bench

The Standford Industrial range uses reclaimed wood, this time from old buildings being demolished, this is a more rustic and raw range and is perfect for any home wanting to bring in a little industrial style. Take a look at the beauty of the wood used to create the Standford industrial coffee table, pair this up with the reclaimed wood sideboard from the range and you have two very stylish pieces of furniture for your living room.

Industrial coffee table with two drawers on silver rug

Every piece of furniture crafted from reclaimed wood is one of a kind – yes, you are buying a piece of furniture with a bit of history and its own individual fingerprint when you choose reclaimed. Undulations, old nail holes, blemishes and small knocks and dents in the wood are beautiful features of reclaimed wood and should be celebrated! These little bits of character are all there to give your piece of furniture its individuality and uniqueness! This also means any new little scratches or dents from day-to-day family use will blend in and you will be adding your own little piece of history to your furniture. Even a small scratch on a flat, smooth, new wood table would be very hard to disguise!

Close up of round reclaimed wood dining table and blue bowl

It looks better than new wood – reclaimed wood just looks warmer and more homely than new wood. Salvaged wood will have matured and darkened as it has aged giving it a depth of colour that new wood just doesn’t have.