Are reclaimed wood tables good?

are reclaimed wood tables good?

We are often asked questions about reclaimed furniture and in particular if it is good for dining tables ….In answer to this question, we think reclaimed wood is absolutely perfect for dining tables – read on to understand why, together with some answers to other questions we often get asked about reclaimed wood furniture.

Industrial dining table with matching bench and wooden dining chairs

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood, repurposed or salvaged wood is basically wood that has been used previously – whether that be as part of an old building that is now being demolished, old railway sleepers, doors or even boats that are no longer seaworthy. Once the building is dismantled, the timbers are sorted and only the best quality wood qualify to be re-crated into beautiful and unique pieces of furniture.

Is reclaimed wood easy to maintain?

Scuffs, marks, scars and blemishes which were picked up in its previous life are all part of what forms the character of reclaimed wood this makes it perfect for everyday family use. Little scratches and dents will simply blend in, you can help this along with waxing your furniture relatively regularly. To be honest, waxing once a month or every other month is all you really need to do to keep up the rich lustre of the wood. Apart from that it is just the same commonsense stuff as other wood furniture – use mats under glasses and plates, wipe up spillages as soon as possible, lift rather than drag furniture etc. Full care guides for all our reclaimed wood furniture can easily be found on our website or read our blog How to Treat Marks on Reclaimed Wood Furniture.

Close up of reclaimed wood dining table with grey linen runner

What qualities does a reclaimed wood table have over new dining tables?

Imagine walking into a cosy farmhouse kitchen with a large dining table set ready for a hearty family meal – it’s welcoming and comforting, right? Reclaimed wood is older, it has an extra warmth and depth to it which will add to the ambiance of the room, something new wood simply can’t replicate.

Is reclaimed wood strong?

Absolutely! Reclaimed wood has already aged during its first life and is stronger than ever. Only quality salvageable timbers are used to craft furniture – meaning the furniture which is created will be long-lasting and sturdy. Reclaimed wood furniture and reclaimed wood dining tables are considered to be investment furniture that will stand the test of time.

Rustic industrial dining table with velvet dining chairs

Is reclaimed wood furniture only for older traditional-style rooms?

Not at all – it will actually fit in with most interior styles and is no longer associated with just the classic farmhouse dining table: It can be modern and glamorous, as is the case with the Knightsbridge reclaimed oak dining table, a beautiful solid oak tabletop sits on a stylish slim silver frame which will bring industrial elegance to any dining room. Alternatively, it can be homely, cosy and comforting, what group of family and friends would not want to gather around a rustic wooden dining table like the Chelwood for an evening of good food and conversation? If minimal industrial furniture is more for you then the Standford range ticks all the right boxes. The reclaimed wood adds warmth and texture, whilst the black steel frames brings an industrial edge.

Reclaimed wood dining table in pale wood with matching bench and brown dining chairs