Why we love the Dulux Colour of the Year – Bright Skies™

Why we love Dulux Colour of the Year Bright Skies

Dulux has just announced their top pick colour for 2022 – Bright Skies™ and we think it’s the perfect hue to pair with our rustic furniture.

The household paint company consulted with a team of international designers who looked at how interior trends have changed over the last 18 months and discovered that the desire to be more in touch with nature and the great outdoors is ever growing. Green has been an on-trend colour for some time and used in 1000’s of homes up and down the country, but now it is time for a switch to an uplifting summer sky blue. This pale blue is perfect for a rustic farmhouse kitchen and easy to mix with other natural “outdoor” colours.

wooden dining table and blue wall for why we love Dulux Colour of Year Bright Skies blogCredit: DULUX Announces Colour Of The Year 2022 BRIGHT SKIES Greenhouse Palette 3

We thought we would consider how this beautiful blue hue would work with some of our reclaimed wood furniture and also our newly launched mango wood furniture collections.

The Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood collection

This is a collection of industrial furniture which we think would look fabulous with a soothing sky blue. We see this colour in an open plan kitchen/diner with large patio doors overlooking the garden. The pale sky blue colour would allow the reclaimed wood and metal industrial frame to really stand out, but it will also help to bring the outside in. Bring in accent colours via chairs, for example, in a rich, luxurious blue or industrial dark grey. For stylish storage, the industrial coffee table is a must-have – on this you can arrange some blue decorative pieces to continue the theme.

industrial dining table and reclaimed wood tv standFrom left: Standford Large Industrial Dining Table and Standford Industrial TV Stand

The Chelwood Reclaimed Wood collection

This classic collection is created from gorgeous pale reclaimed wood. If you want a light and airy look in your room the combination of the Chelwood collection and Bright Skies™ would be the perfect combination. Blue brings calmness and serenity to mind meaning your space would be one to relax in making it ideal for a soothing living room.

reclaimed wood side table and rustic coffee table next to brown leather sofa

The rustic coffee table from the collection positioned next to a tan leather sofa or a leather Oswald 2 Seater Sofa will stand out beautifully against a lovely and calming pale sky blue.

The Canford Sustainable Mango Wood collection

The Canford mango wood furniture collection is new to our shop, we think it is absolutely gorgeous when paired with pale blue, sitting in complete harmony with a natural blue sky. Blue is a colour that is perfect for a soothing bedroom, dining room or living room and being pale, it allows the striking patterning of the Canford rustic furniture collection to really pop.

mango wooden console table and tall bookcase with diamond pattern drawersFrom left: Canford Sustainable Mango Wood Dressing Table & Canford Sustainable Mango Wood Bookcase

Houseplants are great in the bedroom and again this pale blue will provide you with a serene and restful backdrop. Coordinate your bedding by opting for a slightly bolder blue, bring in warm luxurious scatter cushions, bed throws and floor rugs to bring in warmth and comfort.

close up of green leaf with pale blue backgroundCredit: DULUX Announces Colour Of The Year 2022 BRIGHT SKIES Greenhouse Palette 7

What do you think of this refreshing colour? Leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your thoughts. Or read more about the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2022 here.