5 Ideal seating solutions for Christmas

Stanton Leather Dining Bench

industrial dining table with wooden dining bench and Christmas tree in background

After last year’s disappointment, we are all looking forward to a Christmas this year with our family and friends. How are you going to celebrate? No doubt there will be at least one occasion over the holidays when you have a houseful and your wooden extendable dining table has guests balancing on an old chair or perched on a stool because the age-old problem of a shortage of dining chairs. Although this may be half the fun of a Christmas dinner or other festive get-togethers, there comes a time when you need seating solutions – and we have them!

1. A wooden dining table with bench

It may sound over zealous to say that a dining bench will revolutionise your festive get-togethers, but it’s true! Not only is a wooden dining bench a stylish must-have around your reclaimed wood dining table, it’s a very practical addition too. Dining chairs are all well and good, but they can sometimes be a bit restrictive when it comes to squeezing in extra guests, especially if you have wooden chairs with arms. A dining bench is relaxed, inclusive and can get more bums on seats, perfect for Christmas don’t you think?

2. Separate kids table

When it comes to festive dinner parties, let’s face it, kids get bored with adult talk and so the most common solution world-over is to create a separate wooden dining table for the kids and cousins. The grown-ups can spread-out around a rustic dining table and linger for as long as they like. Depending on numbers a bar table and chairs is a great option – children just love sitting on bar stool chairs. Think about opting for bar stools with backs for extra safety.

leather bench with back and blue blanket

3. Take seating from other areas of the house

We’re not suggesting you move the sofa into the dining room or kitchen, but you can get creative. If you have a hallway bench seat in your entrance or a small armchair where people would normally sit to put their shoes on, then bring that up to your dining table for mealtimes. Or a wooden blanket box from the bedroom would make a perfect seating spot – just empty any heavy items out of it before moving it! For a casual dinner or buffet, you could even try a solid rustic coffee table as a temporary perch or bring in garden seating.

4. Go buffet!

Food is a big part of a festive party but instead of a sit-down dinner, why not change the format with a buffet? A buffet is a more relaxed way of entertaining and seating can be a lot less formal than for a traditional sit-down meal. Alongside your dining table with bench and dining chairs, you could also use stools, especially handy for seating against the kitchen island, large sideboard or breakfast bar.

breakfast bar table and stools with back

5. Bring-your-own!

If you have surpassed the number of chairs and bench space in your home with a whopping invite list, there is no harm in asking your guests to bring a foldable chair of some kind. Again, it is part of the fun to arrive at the host’s house for a festive get-together and bring your own wooden dining chairs…!