4 simply ways to maximise a small bedroom

small bedroom with white painted bed and matching bed tables
small bedroom with peacock wallpaper and grey covers

A small bedroom can be challenging, but for lots of interior designers, it offers as much potential as its bigger cousins. Many modern houses often have a small bedroom, usually given to the youngest child or used as a guest room or home office. One of the main considerations is what exactly you will use the room for – if it is going to be used as a guest room make sure it is kept as a guest room and not an overflow for household storage! There are many tips and tricks on how to maximise space and create a bright and airy room, despite its size.

1. Work out what you need in the room and how it will be used

If it is going to be a child’s bedroom decide now if they will need a desk – or if they will need one adding in the future. You will need a bed in there, of course, but is a wooden wardrobe essential, as well as a rustic chest of drawers and a bedside table?

When it comes to storing clothes, it’s worth thinking outside the box in a small bedroom. Do you need to store clothes in this room or can you use a small wardrobe and make additional space by storing out-of-season clothes in another room? For a teenager’s room, you might want to consider creating a small sitting area or cozy nook for them to escape to. This privacy may be a more welcomed addition than a chest of drawers.

wooden bunk bed with seating area

2. Use colour strategically

Many interior designer suggest using a feature wall to frame the bed. Leave the rest of the room neutral and add a colour or pattern around the bed to help create a cosseting centered feel. It is often believed that small bedrooms should be decorated in pale neutral colours so as not too overwhelm the space. Yes, neutral colours do work well, but don’t be afraid to add an accent colour – a rich and warming shade will give the room a focal point and create that lovely cosy feel we all want in a bedroom.

solid wood bed with dark grey painted wall

3. Get clever with storage

It is vital that you make the most of every nook and cranny in the smaller room. One area that is so often overlooked is under the bed. More than just a place to hide in a game of hide and seek, there is so much storage space under there that can be utilised. Choose a bed with integrated storage or a wooden bed with storage drawers that slide underneath. Coordinate this with a light painted wardrobe with bottom drawers for extra storage and a wooden chest at the foot of the bed for seating and storage and you have three pieces of rustic furniture in your small bedroom that offer multiple functions.

painted wardrobe with drawer and white solid wooden bed

4. Hang out

Another smart designer trick is to minimise the amount of items that sit on the floor. A floating wooden king size bed or wooden wardrobe might not be an option, but making the most of the walls and ceiling for other furniture and fittings is possible. Fit an open shelf on the wall above the bed with floating bedside tables and rather than bedside table lamps, fix two hanging pendant lights from the ceiling either side of the bed. This will increase the sense of space and keep the floor feeling uncluttered.

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