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5 of the best dark bedroom ideas

5 of the best dark bedroom ideas

Dark bedding in dark bedroom

Dark colours in the bedroom can be enticing, cosy and cocooning with deep blues, downpipe greys and earthy greens creating a restful ambience that’s perfect for a good night’s sleep.

It can feel soothing to enter a room with a dark palette and instantly closes down the mind and shuts out the rest of the world. It’s also a stylish option, especially for rooms that don’t receive much natural daylight. Trying to brighten a dark room with light colours may be the most obvious solution, but if the room is naturally dark, the colour ends up looking just a bit drab. Instead, use the lack of light to create a blissful bedroom with rich dark hues and textures.

Be inspired by these dark bedroom ideas and get ready to channel your dark side..


blue pillow cases used on reclaimed wood bed

Regardless of how dark you go, you can still have a bedroom that’s airy, sophisticated or modern….whatever interior scheme you like best. The secret is balancing the deep wall colour against the rest of the room's decor. Choose different shades of dark for your furniture and accessories, and layer them to create a subtle mood. A dark king size wooden bed frame against dark walls makes a statement.


Go bold and don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to your bed linen. Dark hues of greys, black and deep navy blues blend beautifully with a reclaimed wooden bed and wooden bedside table. Linen bedding looks particularly laid-back and looks better the more crumpled it gets, meaning you don’t have to worry about making the bed!

Large reclaimed wood bed with blue bedding


The natural warmth and character of wood, and reclaimed wood furniture in particular, makes a cosy collaboration for darker hues. An inky blue or charcoal grey teamed with distressed or weathered reclaimed wood, be it a reclaimed wood bed frame or large chest of drawers, gives a bedroom a certain sumptuousness.

Reclaimed wood bed and blue rug


You don’t want a dark bedroom to feel oppressive. It should be cosseting and welcoming not overbearing. Counterbalance this risk by adding texture to soften. Rugs, blankets, curtains and blinds or a subtle pattern will lighten the flow and mood.

dark bedding with cups of tea on wooden board


You’ve added reclaimed wood furniture to counter the warm tones of the dark colour scheme, what your dark bedroom needs now is an accent to enliven the space. This can be with splashes of colour, such as cushions or an interesting piece of artwork. Flowers are also a clever way of bringing an accent colour into the room, and what’s better, you can change your choice of colour whenever you like.

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