5 colours that go well with brown leather furniture

Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa

If you love the rustic furniture style, then you are not alone. There are warmth and familiarity etched within it that makes it the obvious and ideal choice for so many of us. Perfect for the style is brown leather furniture, from the sumptuous leather armchair to the brown leather sofa, the rustic coffee table, to the rustic sideboard. But what colours go well with brown leather furniture that sits well within the components of the rustic style?

Dark brown

Orange, of course, has a tan or brown base, more so with the darker autumnal shades but if you feel that it is too bright and garish within your rustic styled room, why not opt for brown? Use a darker shade than your brown leather sofa or brown leather armchair to really bring out its natural brown colour and grain. There are some beautiful coffee shades of brown, such as deep chestnut, russet and sepia. For an orange base, mahogany or sienna shades of brown either.


Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa with Blue Rug

Orange and brown are on the warmer end of the colour spectrum, fantastic for the rustic styled home but that doesn’t mean that introducing cooler colours will bring a cold breeze. In fact, cooler colours such as blue can bring a fresh feeling to a rustic room, ideal for when you want to lift the feeling of the space. Lighter blue shades are ideal against brown leather furniture although we are loving the current on-trend navy blue on walls that add a hint of Victorian drama to a space, ideal for a twist on the rustic style. Or keep walls neutral, opting for coloured accessories and detailing such as a blue rug.

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Blue Denim Rug


Everything that sparkles deserves to be in any room and as we know, a metallic finish is a decorative element that adds detailing, the glue that brings the different elements together. The rustic style may be exactly that – slightly unrefined in its finish – but that doesn’t mean an injection of glamour alongside rustic furniture and brown leather sofa can’t be used. Gold coloured accessories are ideal with its yellowy glow that is so very attractive. As well as gold coloured bases to lamps and frames, using refined gold coloured accessories such as a gold rug and scattered cushions are also a great way of bringing out brown leather furniture in all its glory.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Columbus Gold Rug


Fresh, crisp, clean – white in any room or style is always a welcome neutral backdrop against which other colours and shades glow and shimmer. White is ideal in a rustic style room, perfect for allowing the true stars of the show to sign in all their glory. The grain in reclaimed wood rustic furniture will appreciate the neutral shading of white, as too with the brown leather armchairs and sofa and you can even add a white coffee table for contrast. Use it as a wall colour, introducing depth and warmth with coloured accessories – choose a beige or cream rug if you want to maintain a neutral palette or why not opt for a midnight navy for drama?

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

As colours go, these are our current favourites to match with brown leather furniture in a rustic style room. What are yours?