Choosing the right kitchen chairs for rustic furniture

Rattan Bar Stools

If you have an informal seating area in your kitchen, such as a breakfast or a kitchen island, opting for stools is a great way of adding yet more use and versatility to it. But when it comes to it, which kitchen stool is the ‘right’ option? Should you opt for upholstered or leather bar stools? What other factors do you need to consider?

Leather bar stools – the pros and the cons

The leather is a naturally hardwearing material that goes well with reclaimed wood furniture. Robust and stylish, leather is sumptuous material but it can be expensive, a downside of choosing leather bar stools.

The alternative is faux leather, a material that has all the style and robustness of real leather but without such a huge price tag.

Thurlow Leather Bar Stool

Perfectly for keeping clean (sticky fingers marks just wipe away), there is a ‘something about’ leather upholstered bar stools that make them must have for any kitchen chairs, more so for the industrial or rustic styled space. If there are two styles perfectly combining to make a hybrid style it is these two and faux leather bar stools are the perfect additions.

Upholstered bar stools – the pros and cons

Another fantastic option is the upholstered bar stools. Whilst leather upholstery looks sumptuous in its appeal, there is a plushness to fabric upholstered bar stools that also appeal. As kitchen chairs, they add texture to the kitchen, as well as warmth and decadence.

Upholstered bar stools will sit well within the industrial or rustic kitchen.

Lansdowne Faux Leather Industrial Bar Stool

The overall style and design of the upholstered bar stool don’t have to be fussy either, although many people steer clear of upholstered stools as they worry about food and drink stains. Most upholstery on these kinds of stools is hardwearing and tough, so it’ll take a light wash every now and then.

What to look for when choosing bar stools?

When you have decided which suits you and your budget, there are other factors to consider too;

  • Height – too small, and you will be sat too low down from your breakfast or kitchen island but too high, and you will feel ‘perched’ above it. Clearly, finding the right bar stool depends on finding one at the right height. If you are struggling to find a bar stool at the exact height, consider adjustable bar stools.

Oakley Wind Up Leather Stool

  • Dimensions – dimension is not just about measuring height and width but how an item of furniture will ‘sit’ into a room. A small kitchen may be overpowered by a certain style, whereas a large kitchen would benefit from two or three statement stools at the kitchen islands. For example, a leather, high-backed bar stool in a statement colour would be perfect for the larger space but maybe a less imposing style would suit a small space or bar area better.

Parker Leather Bar Stool

  • Style – so many stools to choose from…! The industrial and rustic furniture styles are two functional schemes that demand a certain streamlined finish but also one with warmth and aplomb. From functional bar stools with sparse detailing to those with a hint of sumptuousness, opt for a stool style that sits alongside your kitchen cabinets and dining area.

  • Cohesion between bar stools and dining chairs – whilst you may want a bar stool for practical reasons, what you don’t want is to create a sense of disconnect between you informal kitchen area and your dining area. Opt for bar stools that complement your leather dining chairs that sit alongside your industrial or rustic dining table.

Once your bar stools are in place, you’ll wonder how you managed without them!