5 best wardrobes to keep your bedroom looking tidy

Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe in bedroom

We all have so much to store in our bedrooms, making the right choice in storage options is paramount to creating your ideal place to wind down and relax in.

disorganised pile of clothes

Below are 5 important things you might want to consider when choosing the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom. Of course, this is also the perfect time to give the items you no longer need, or wear, to a charity!

1. Choose a wardrobe with drawers

A wardrobe with drawers is always a great choice. This will present you with valuable extra storage space especially in a small room if you don’t have enough space for a chest of drawers as well…. A light coloured wardrobe would be the perfect choice for you. Drawers also save on hanging space in your wardrobe – socks, vest tops, thick jumpers and items that don’t crease can all be popped away in them. A drawer organiser will help you keep them tidy and ensure that your clothes are quickly and easily found when you need them!

2. Brighten your room with a white painted wardrobe

If you like minimal clutter and clean crisp white in your bedroom then consider a white painted wardrobe to reflect light and brighten the space. Add coordinating reclaimed wood bedroom furniture to bring your room together. A white-painted reclaimed wood wardrobe works wonders to brighten a dark room and gives a small room the feeling of more space.

white wardrobe in pale coloured bedroom

3. Add character with reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood wardrobes come in many styles, shapes and sizes – From a natural finish to white painted, to a dark retro/ antique look – there are plenty to choose from that will suit your style. A reclaimed wood wardrobe oozes character, their history is there for all to see in the old nail holes and in the beautiful undulations of the wood. Rustic wardrobes offer versatility, blending as perfectly in a modern room, filled with bold and vibrant colours as they do in a farmhouse style or neutral colour scheme.

retro dark wardrobe with sleigh bed

4. Open hanging

Not everyone wants to hide their favourite clothes away in a wardrobe! An open wardrobe adds a light and elegant touch to your room, a sort of traditional Proven├žale farmhouse feel. With a shelf for storing folded items and shoes on, it could be all you need! These are also great in the hallway for hanging coats on and a brilliant idea for your guest bedroom.

oak open wardrobe with rail and bottom rack

5. A touch of Nordic rustic

When discussing wonderful wardrobes we could not overlook the hugely popular Scandi furniture trend! Natural light, clear and clutter-free spaces, clean lines and neutral colours are a great foundation to style the perfect bedroom. A solid wood wardrobe would tick all these boxes, offering storage as well as style. Pair this with other reclaimed wood furniture, soft rugs and light and natural fabrics to create a room that will be hard to leave in the morning!