5 ways to style your bed like a pro

reclaimed wood bed with white bedding and throw

We no longer consider our bedroom a “tucked away” room in our homes. A bedroom can be a refuge in a busy household, a place for a bit of quiet time during the day as well as a relaxing place to wind down before sleeping. Here we have a look at how the pros style a bed and get it looking so inviting.

1. Add a throw to your bed

Adding a throw to your bed is a quick way to give your room a new look. Choose a heavier one for autumn and winter, such as a faux fur or a rich velvet to give a warm and cosy feeling. In spring and summer, you can choose a lighter and brighter cotton, or satin for a more airy and cooler feel. In a neutral coloured bedroom you can play with different colours as well as different fabrics. A reclaimed wood bed is a natural and neutral piece of furniture offering you a great base to play with your style.

white bedding with mustard throw

2. Scatter cushions

Cushions are a great way to add style and interest to your bedroom. You don’t even need that many to get the look, three is a good amount for a king size bed. Just buy good quality cushions and then swap, mix and match cushion covers made from different fabrics like satin, faux fur and leather, velvet, cotton and linen, to give your room different looks. You can choose different shades of your main colour or add some eye-catching accent colours or striking patterns.

selection of cushions in different colours and patterns

3. Layer like a designer

We all agree that layering on beds just looks so wonderful in all those designer images. This look is actually really easy to achieve. Start with a plain bottom sheet on your bed, a reversible duvet set is definitely a good starting point for this look, pop it on your bed and fold the top end back and you already have some layering happening. Now add a folded back throw to the bottom half of your bed and for the finishing touch simply add a few scatter cushions.

layered bedding in white and grey

4. Under-bed storage

A storage drawer under a rustic wooden bed is a very practical way to make your bed look complete, a perfect way to add storage and style! These can be used to store so many things – seasonal clothes, spare bedding, towels…. all these items can be tidily tucked away in an otherwise unused space.

5. Create a theme or colour palette

Think if you want a theme to your bedroom before choosing your bedroom furniture. Do you like the light and airy Scandinavian style? Are you a nature lover and want natural fabrics and living plants in your bedroom? Do you like vibrant bold colours or an ultra-modern look? Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture is a great choice, giving you a versatile product which is easy to base a modern, rustic or traditional bedroom theme on.

colour palette