5 easy steps for a stunning garden arrangement

West Strand Grey Sofa Set for Garden

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Just like the interior of your home, arranging your outdoor furniture to make the best of the view and your garden makes it’s a welcoming place to sit, relax and dine. But what do you need to consider?

Step 1 – Tracking the Sun

Surely, you may think, the garden is awash in natural light! It is, in most cases, but there is something you need to consider – sunlight can be harsh, as much as it is warming and welcome.

For example, if you want to enjoy a mid-day snack, sitting in full sun may not be the most comfortable experience. And as for evening dining, enjoying the last rays as the sun drops below the horizon makes sense.

In other words, track the path of your sun in your garden. Where is it at the hottest part of the day and from which angles are sunrise and sunset most enjoyable? Most outdoor table sets are easy to move but why not opt for a café garden set for breakfasting and lunch in the garden, with a more robust outdoor table and chairs for more formal and evening dining in the garden?

Step 2 – Traffic flow

Like an indoor room, there tends to be a natural traffic flow in the garden. For example, if there is a hard-landscaped path, most people will follow that. Failing that, you will probably find you take the shortest route to your destination, whether that is a bench shaded by a pergola or a pretty outdoor garden set for lazy afternoons in the sun.

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By placing garden furniture at certain points, you can encourage traffic flow to take a different route.

Step 3 – Measurements

Now comes the trickier part of making sure that dimensions of the outdoor furniture and garden are in keeping with each other. Too big, and the furniture dwarfs the garden but clearly, you want enough seating to accommodate your family.

However, if there is no getting away from the fact that your garden is bijou and your furniture needs big, then make the furniture the star of the show. From a dining set to the stylish aplomb of outdoor rattan furniture, if the dimensions of the item are big, don’t disguise it – make IT the centre of attention!

Step 4 – Multi-purpose

For any garden, the answer lays in the flexibility of outdoor furniture to meet your needs. From hidden storage under benches to fantastic outdoor boxes that double as benches, try to get as much out of your outdoor furniture as possible.

Zinc Top Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

Step 5 – Ambience

And finally, with your metal garden furniture dining set, rattan chairs, or a rattan corner sofa complete with a glass-topped coffee table in situ, you can set about creating the ambience to your garden arrangement.

West Strand Grey Corner Sofa Set

From pretty lights for when dusk falls to the gentle flicker of candlelight, to the soft touch of scatter cushions and rugs, add texture to create a welcoming ambience about the space.

And now, sit back, enjoy the view and everything your garden has to offer.