Celebrate spring with bright vibrant yellow in your home

Grayson Velvet Armchair

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table with Yellow Chairs

Spring arrives with a flurry of new life in the garden! The sun begins to warm, and we throw open the windows to bid the grey and cobwebs winter adieu for another year. For many of us, this means a deep spring clean and introducing new colours to mark the coming of spring.

And what better colour to bring vibrancy, spring warmth and sunshine that a dash of yellow? From undertones of fiery orange to pastel yellow, there are many shades that make it the perfect colour to pep up any room in the house.

But it can be a tricky colour to use. So how can you welcome spring with bright yellow without tipping into ‘day-glo’ shades?

1 Add just a little

Adding a bright, modern citrus shade of yellow doesn’t mean painting everything in sight and neither does it mean ditching your favourite furniture. Adding dashes and pops of bright yellow here and there in any room will give it a lift.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bed


Take a look at the styled bedroom, complete with white bed. The watery yellow shade on the bedside lamp is more than enough to draw your eye to it. Note how well it sits with the turquoise blue items, including a throw, bedspread and rug. And yet despite the blue being the abundant colour, you just can’t take your eyes from the yellow lampshade.

2 Yellow + Grey = Designer Heaven!

We are accustomed to seeing the combination of yellow and black, a timeless combination but the two strong colours together can be difficult to balance.

Throw awkwardness to the kerb by ditching black for a light grey. Make sure it doesn’t have too much of a pinky base, otherwise the result won’t be what you want. But in your grey living room or bedroom, add yellow scatter cushions or a throw to lift the grey from winter to spring.

Greyson Velvet Armchair

If you want to make more of an impact, choose a yellow armchair to complement your reclaimed wood furniture. This velvet armchair with its low back and sumptuous finish is ideal for any room.

3 Bold design and muted tones

Spring is all about the garden and you can emulate this in the home with pretty floral wallpapers and other detailing. And in the bold design add simple, yet striking statements, such as a Louis de Poortere yellow rug. The barely-there detailing and the clever use of grey and yellow make this the perfect yellow contemporary rug for your home this spring.

Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Vanilla Dream

4 Go for gold

Using gold tones in the metallic finishes of a room also adds a golden glow, which is what yellow is all about. The radiance of a crisp white dining chair with gold metallic legs is ideal. It works well in the industrial dining room but adding a hint of luxury or it works just as well in a modern dining room.

White Armchair with Gold Frame

Yellow is a versatile colour, working will across the colour palette and styles choices too. From a pop of colour alongside farmhouse furniture to the industrial dining room, every home will welcome bright, vibrant yellow this spring.